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Casey P.
Weston, WI
GMC Acadia
Verified Customer
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Not Great Customer Service
I appreciate your email back. Your service advisor did explain that the cleaning would possibly fix the issue however it didn't fix it at all, my husband didn't even pull out of your parking lot with it happening again. We then asked for the part to be fixed and when we were charged the service advisor tried telling us the cleaning was part of the repair, which it wasn't. Any other company would have refund the $50 for the cleaning as we turned around and had the part repaired (I know this because I asked a few other friends who are mechanics). It's quite interesting that I was told on the phone I'd be refunded the $50 but now I'm only refunded the $40. There is a reason why we've taken our business elsewhere since. As I mentioned, we've always been pleased with our service but up until this, it makes me think otherwise.

Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Not Great Customer Service
We've been bringing our vehicles to Griesbach for a couple years now and have put over $10K into repairs between two vehicles and have always gotten great customer service until our recent service. We were told that we could do a $50 cleaning to a sensor that could help or $450 to repair the part, we decided to try the $50 cleaning only to not even pull out of the parking lot with it having the same issues. We went back inside and asked to have the part repaired and when it came time to pay the bill, we asked to have the $50 removed as the cleaning didn't help at all. The customer service rep argued with us and refused to refund the $50, my husband explained the situation, how he was given the option to either clean or replace the part but the rep kept saying it was part of the new part price. After explaining all of this and even telling him how long we've been coming, how much money we've spent over time plus needing to have new tires on both of our vehicles + some work done to our other vehicle the rep still didn't care, so he left telling him we'd never come back. Got home, about hour later and the rep called and said he'd refund our money. In the end, yes we're happy that he refunded the money (even though it was only $50 but it was the point of the matter now) but there was no need for him to argue about it.
Jon G. from Griesbach Auto Service responded on 11/27/2018

Thank you, Casey, for taking the time to review our business.  We truly appreciate your continued business over the years.  Our Service Advisor may have not explained the options clearly.  We want to do what is best for our guests by providing them with all their options.  The option of cleaning the sensor was one that had a possibility of fixing the issue while being cost effective.  We leave the option up to our guests, but that does not mean that we can perform them at no charge.  Again, because we do appreciate your business, we gave you a $40 discount on the sensor replacement.  We are always working toward providing the best service and we would love to win back your business.  Please reach out to us with any more concerns, thank you.

Jon G. from Griesbach Auto Service responded on 12/07/2018

Thank you, Casey, for responding so that this miscommunication can be resolved.  The $40 discount is in reference to a discount on the repair of the sensor which you received because of your Team National membership.  We will refund you the separate $50 for the cleaning.  We hope this clears up any misunderstanding and again, feel free to contact us with any other concerns, thank you.

Joel S.
Mosinee, WI
Subaru Forester
Verified Customer
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Sorry, not satisfied at all.
When we received the vehicle, it was already 4 days past the promised initial completion date. It was becoming inconvenient being without it for what turned out to be 8 full days.
We drove it home. That same evening, when we were going to use it again, the "check engine" light came on, and the cruise control indicator was flashing. The cruise control itself was non-functioning, which was not a problem when we initially brought the vehicle in for service. We followed the procedures outlined in the owner's manual (several times) to deal with possible causes for the lights. It did not fix either problem. We were forced to return the vehicle for further inspection and service.
Jon G. from Griesbach Auto Service responded on 09/06/2017

I am sorry you had a bad experience with your Subaru when you visited. It was unfortunate the needed parts were delayed and when the parts arrived, the Technician performing the major repair on your vehicle needed a personal day that had been scheduled months in advance. I can assure you this is not standard procedure and will use your experience in our training with employees to prevent future issues.   Thank you for bringing your vehicle back in and making it right for you.  We appreciate you trusting in our service and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Kurt S.
Wausau, WI
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Overpriced and poor workmanship
Brought suburban for service on brakes on recommendation of a friend. Brakes failed within one year in very limited driving. Refused to do anything for me after charging and arm and a leg for the work.
Jon G. from Griesbach Auto Service responded on 02/15/2016

First of all, let me thank you for the time taken to review our business. I appreciate all feedback, good or bad, as we continue to strive for complete customer satisfaction. Secondly, I understand your frustration in this matter. We absolutely stand behind our work, if given the chance by our customers. Unfortunately, after 11 months and over 7k miles, your caliper failed causing premature brake pad wear. Had you brought your vehicle back to us when you started having problems with your brakes, we would have been able to warranty the parts that needed replacement. Unfortunately, you had someone else look at your vehicle, who then replaced more than what you needed, therefore voiding any warranty that we and/or our vendor would have been able to give you. Please feel free to call me with any further questions.

jack w.
Wausau, WI
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
worked on for three days still didn't work

Neal N.
Buick Regal
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
10/10/2014 Category: Service
Neal said this business was too expensive but they were friendly. He would not recommend them to others because their prices are a little high.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Jon G. from Griesbach Auto Service responded on 10/21/2014


Thank you for your feedback on the quote we gave you for the repair on your car. We strive to use the highest quality lifetime warranty parts, depending on availability, and warranty our labor for three year or 36,000 miles to provide our clients with the greatest peace of mind regarding the repairs performed. We employ ASE certified technicians to ensure inspections, diagnosis, and repairs are done accurately and efficiently.

Providing this level of service, professionalism, and the peace of mind that our customers have appreciated for 17+ years here at Griesbach Auto Service does incur expenses. However when compared to similar auto shops in the area, our estimates are competitive. Unfortunately, we are not able to compete with the "do it yourself" person because of associated business related costs. We ask that you keep these things in mind when making your decision on what path to take when repairing your vehicle.

Thank you again Neil, for allowing me the opportunity to clarify the estimate I have prepared for you. If you have any further questions or concerns, I encourage you to call me or Jon.

Thank You,
Joshua Larson
Service Advisor
Griesbach Auto Service

Brad S.
Dodge Pickup
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
11/02/2012 Category: Service
Brad said he will not recommend this business or go back to them, because on his previous visit at this business he paid $700 for a celluloid governor for his transmission. He said he had issues and returned for his most recent service. They told him he needed a new transmission. He did not get the new transmission. He said he paid $700 for something he didn't need because he needed a new transmission and they still charged him $40 for the diagnostic on his most recent service visit. He would not recommend this business based on this experience.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Jon G. from Griesbach Auto Service responded on 11/14/2012
Brad, I understand your concerns. The initial test showed the governor pressure solenoid was not at desired pressure. After replacement the transmission tested fine. Unfortunately we were unable to foresee that 4 months later that the transmission would fail internally due to mechanical failure.