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Irritated C.
Easton, PA
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Fast service
Yes, fast service....
but, they charged me for parts that were defective and swapped out, good thing I caught it and got my money back. My car now leaks oil since I’ve taken it to them, I had to clean up all the spilled coolant myself from my fender, bumper and inside the engine compartment. The service guy I had wasn’t caring for my car when he test drove it either, I was at the end of the lot along the main road, seen him leave down the side road, loop around past the police station and was back before I could walk back inside the waiting room. Sorry, but he was driving way fast to go over the RR tracks and back around, good chance why my car leaks oil now. Just a horrible experience there and I’m never going back. Sadly I’m not the only one, while waiting a young lady picked up her car and she commented that she can’t even tell what they did to the car.... sorry, but that’s sad when doing body work for someone.
Hunter & Dan H. from Hendricks & Sons Auto Center responded on 01/28/2019

This review has no name or vehicle information. The the date of service for unknown vehicle was in May of 2018. That was 7 months ago and this is the first we are hearing about it.

The review makes no sense to us but we are always willing to correct any issue that may arise from a vehicle we repair.

As far as the comment made by another customer. "she can't even tell what they did to the car" is a compliment for body work. The car came in with body damage and when she picked it up the  car looked good as new. She could not even tell the car was ever repaired. That is what we strive for in the collision industry.

John S.
Macungie, PA
Subaru Outback
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