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Glenn U.
Murfreesboro, TN
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Worst Customer Experience I've Ever Had
I am not one to leave negative feedback about a poor experience (in fact, this is the first time I have ever posted anything negative about a company). Everyone has bad days, so I don’t mind giving the benefit of the doubt, but this time I had to make an exception. I took my car to Kirby’s to swap out my headlight bulbs and ballasts. I provided the parts, I just needed them installed. Joe at Kirby’s installed them for me. When I got to the shop to pick up my car, Joe told me that during the install, my sidelight lenses “just fell out”. He showed where he glued them back in. I didn’t make a big deal of it, as long as the glue held the lights in place, I accepted that. Well, a couple weeks later, as I am riding down the interstate, my driver’s side light came out and was flapping around hanging on only by the connected wires. I contacted Kirby’s and they refuse to do anything about it. They told me it was already broken, and that is why the lights fell out during the install. Well, it is funny how my light has NEVER fallen out until Kirby’s worked on the car. But honestly, it’s not the workmanship that leads me to this post…it is the dealings with the owner, Mitch Kirby. When I asked for either new lights or my money back for the poor install, Mitch had the audacity to tell me I broke the lights when trying to self install my bulbs/ballasts, and that I took the car into his shop just trying to get something for free from them….basically calling me a liar and a cheat. And after saying that, he hung up on me….for the third time (I have called Kirby’s 5 or 6 times, and still waiting for a callback from our last conversation). Mitch is the most unprofessional business owner I have ever had the displeasure of speaking with. From the get go, he has been insulting and very unreasonable (like leading me to believe he would give me a refund, only to hear a different story when I called back after not hearing anything from them). Needless to say, I will never do business with Kirby’s again.
Mitch K. from Kirby's Garage ll responded on 04/08/2015

You brought us your early 2000 Saab with broken headlamp and turn signal assemblies. We put them back as good as they could be repaired without replacing the whole assemblies. You were told this and shown the problem when you picked up the vehicle because you admitted that Joe had shown you the tape holding them together. I'm very sorry that the make of vehicle you have chosen to drive is no longer in business but that isn't our problem. It's your vehicle and YOU will have to pay to repair it, not me. I sincerely hope that this is the last time we have any corespondence and you consider the matter closed.

Malcolm and Deborah A.
Murfreesboro, TN
Mercedes-Benz CLK500
Verified Customer
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Price shock
We have done business with Kirbys for a few years. Seems like every time I go in there is a new manager. However the prices have been competitive - until now. Imagine my surprise when my oil change cost a lot more than usual. $167 for an oil change? Out of curiosity, I checked other auto repair shops for their prices and they were all around $120...feeling cheated and will not be going back! I have always recommended Kirbys to friends and family but I won't be doing that now. Btw, the new manager was not very friendly either.
Mitch K. from Kirby's Garage ll responded on 12/05/2014

My name is Mitch Kirby and I'm very sorry to hear you're unhappy with our service. It's true I've had some turnover at the Manager position but I'm confident I have the right man for the job. You called Joe on a saturday to ask how long it had been since your last service and because we are closed on saturday and Joe was at home he couldn't look up that info for you. He had forwarded the business line to his personal cell phone. In regard to the Oil service price, your last service onMarch 25th 2014 was the same price. We used Mobil1 oil in your vehicle, which is what Mercedes recommends. It has the Mobil1 emblem right under the hood!!! Of course, I can do the service for what other places told you but that isn't the proper way to service your Mercedes, cheaper "house brand" oil and filter. They recommend things for a reason and I highly recommend you adhere to their recommendations as well. Please accept my apologizies as I want you to be my customer very badly. 

Harney B.
Pulaski, TN
Dodge Charger
Verified Customer
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12/13/2012 Category: Service
Spoke with Jane. She said when her vehicle was towed there she got a quote for $900. They tried to raise the towing rate by $40. Then they told her that her radiator was cracked, when really all it was a thermostat. She said she feels this business was a total rip off and the service man was rude to her.
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