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Herndon, VA
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Rent a Uhaul from this station and they will tow your car without regret!
This past Saturday morning I rented a 15 foot U-haul truck to move some furniture. When I got to the gas station that morning the U-haul server was down. This created a 45 minute delay for me while trying to pick up the truck which I had reserved online the night before with my ID and credit card number. I was first helped by a young man with a beard and when he couldn't figure things out then Frank stepped in to help me. After Frank couldn't figure things out he called U-haul and was told to process my transaction manually.

That advice was not initially followed as Frank continued to try and register me online to no-avail. After another 15-20 minutes went by the Owner/Manager Bobby Kapoor stepped in to try and make this work on line without success, he then turned this back over to Frank who kept trying to register me through the system and eventually turned this back over to the first guy to process this manually. Frank is a really nice guy but we wasted a lot of time that morning which delayed my job and in turn delayed my return of the U-haul truck to the shop. While I was not late returning the truck it made for a longer day for me.

After I was manually processed I came out to the truck and inspected the truck only to find out that I had been given the keys to a different truck/the wrong truck if you will so we had to do a second inspection in the rain on the correct truck if you will. The truck I ended up with was an old truck with 126,000+ miles on it. I took very good care of the truck, filled it back up with gas and even swept it out upon my return that evening around 6:20 PM.

At this point I realized that my car gone, it had been towed. In calling the police department I learned that the Manager Bobby Kapoor had my car towed. He did this even though he had my cell phone number and could have easily called me or better yet could have mentioned this to me while I was processing the paper work to rent his U-haul truck.

From this point forward it took an an additional 1 1/2 hours to get my car back and get back home as I had to wait in the rain for someone to pick me up, drive over to when my vehicle had been towed and then wait for them to open up to release my car. I was then charged $160.00 by the tow company.

I want to be clear at this point because at no time was I ever told by the bearded young man, Frank, Bobby or anyone else that I was not allowed to leave my vehicle on the property while I rented a U-haul truck from their business for a few hours. No one ever asked me if I was planning on leaving my vehicle while I rented this truck for a few hours. There was no mention whatsoever that I was not allowed to park my vehicle on their property. In addition there were no "No parking" signs in the location where I parked my vehicle.

I wrote Bobby 2 emails about this and he did not to respond to either e-mail so I stopped in to see him but he wasn't in and left my number for Bobby to call me. Only then did Bobby return my phone call.

Now I know that Bobby Kapoor is an aggressive mean spirited person. He was not interested in hearing anything that I had to say about the fact that I was his customer and he had my car towed from his property. He actually was yelling at me on the phone. Several times I asked him to let me speak and he did not, then he hung up the phone on me! I think it goes to say that I am very disappointed.

I live local and will NEVER go back to this business. Bobby Kapoor is only interested in your money, his customer service is a zero! Look out if you do business with this guy.

Reston, VA
MINI Cooper
Verified Customer
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Bad Job
After I got my car back the middle console was broken. Also things in my trunk had been moved around even though they were just supposed to do an oil change. Will not be bringing my car back here.

Greg W.
Reston, VA
Cadillac CTS
Verified Customer
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08/16/2016 Category: Service
Greg said he took his vehicle in for an inspection and it did not pass. He did not expect it to but they charged him twice as much, if it were to pass. He will not recommend this facility because of their prices.
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