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Verified Customer
Denver, CO
Honda Civic
Verified Customer
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Never again!
I took my car in with a terrible vibration. The tech said it needed a tune-up and that was it? That cost about $600?? Gotta be kidding me! Obviously, it wasn’t driven because the vibration was worse. I took it back and was told I had a broken motor mount. Funny how that just happened all of the sudden and no one caught it!? I was told that it’s gonna be hard to find but the owner stated he would look up the correct motor mounts. No. I took my car to my normal mechanic and had 3 broken motor mounts!! They allowed me to drive like that!! Bottom line is my mechanic replaced the motor mounts the same day he saw the car. No difficulty in locating, etc. I was taken for over $600 just because the place is close to home. Oh! When I questioned the motor mounts, the owner stated “Well, I don’t need your business”. Good way to run a business! Talk to customers that way, hire questionable techs, and charge that much money for JUST the tune-up.

Gideon B.
Denver, CO
Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Verified Customer
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02/22/2018 Category: Service
Gideon said this business didn't take the time to make sure the issue they diagnosed was the actual problem. The part they took off was not it. If they had looked at the part they would have seen that it was still in good shape. He wasted $400.
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Fred C.
Ford Pickup
Verified Customer
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04/22/2017 Category: Service
Fred said he was dissatisfied and he had to pay extra. No one called him so he had to call them. He waited four hours and they overcharged him.
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04/22/2017 Category: Service
Fred said it took them 4 hours to do a compression test. They wanted to charge him $3,400 to balance the vehicle and obtain additional parts. He would not recommend this facility to anyone.
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John J., Owner from Lakewood Lube And Repair responded on 05/08/2017

I am so sorry that Fred decided to be so negative in response to what was a very simple transaction.  His response is inaccurate in that we did not take 4 hours to do a compression check, and we did not tell him that we wanted $3400 to "balance his engne".  We did perform a compression check and we found that he had two dead cylinders, meaning no compression at all in those two cylinders.  We stated that the problem was either a head gasket or bad valves and in either case, the cylinder head would need to be removed.  We did give this gentleman a quote of $3400, but it was for a top overhaul on both cylinder heads of his V8 engine.  We never used the words "balance the engine" and I don't know where he got that terminology.  Balancing engines is a specialty performed by very few shops and has nothing to do with a repair.  Obviously Fred did not like the result of his visit here, but his total bill was $149.50 which he paid.  We have his estimate on file, and we are unhappy that Fred is unhappy, but his review has nothing at all to do with reality.   

Denver, CO
Jeep Liberty
Verified Customer
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jeep repair
everything went smooth. service, fast and got repairs done in timely and friendly manner. good service

Littleton, CO
Volkswagen Passat
Verified Customer
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Horrible service
Car in for Diagnostic. Preston called and said we needed $2700 of work to get check engine light off. When my husband called, a diagnostic had never been performed, but yet Preston said $2700 of work needed to be done. In actuality, car needed absolutely NOTHING, it passed emissions with flying colors. Your shop is a rip off and I will never return nor recommend. I will also be notifying BBB.
John J., Owner from Lakewood Lube And Repair responded on 10/17/2015


I am the owner of Lakewood Lube and Repair.  I'm very sorry that you had such a bad experience at my facility.  I know that I can't make you happy about this, but I do wish to clarify a couple of things.  A computer diagnostic was performed on your vehicle, which produced two codes that pointed to a catalytic converter problem.  Preston gave you a quote based on those codes, which was a mistake on his part, and I have had two long conversations with him about why we cannot produce an estimate based only on computer codes.  I am so sorry about this, but Preston is new to his position, having spent nearly five years at Jiffy Lube, which does not do technical diagnostics or repairs.  

I take full responsibilty for this situation, but even the best of training is no substitute for real on-the-job experience.  I was not in the shop when Preston called you with his quote, and this would not have happened had I been present.  I know this does not make you feel any better about it.

I was here when your son (presumed) picked up the car, and I had a nice conversation with him at that time.  I very clearly told him that the quote was a worst-case scenario, and that these codes could be repaired in several less expensive ways, depending on what further diagnostics revealed.  I clearly told him that this problem could be as simple as "an air or vacuum leak, or even a broken vacuum hose".  I know that if you ask him he will affirm this.  He is a very nice and well-mannered young man and we had a clear and distinct conversation.  He responded that he would just have to "see what his parents want to do".

Sometimes, we make mistakes.  But, we did not overcharge you, nor sell you any parts that you did not need.  We did not complete the diagnosis on your issues.  You were charged a very minimum amount and told that it could be a simple problem.  At this shop, we do not cheat anyone.  I'm so very sorry for Preston's poor approach in this matter, but you would never be charged such an amount unless futher and complete diagnostics led us to conclude that this was really needed.  I am confidant that Preston has learned a big lesson, and that this will not happen again.  And, again, I am very sorry for your concern and loss of faith in my shop.  I wish I could do more than apologize, but that is all that I can do.


John Paul Jones, Owner
Lakewood Lube and Repair 

Lia R.
Denver, CO
Toyota Camry
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
07/16/2015 Category: Service
Lia said it cost $105 for an oil change and a wiper blade change. She would not return to them and would not recommend them as a result of the price.
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Denver, CO
Ford Expedition
Verified Customer
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Lying to long time clients
We've been going here for several years. Took the SUV in to get the oil changed, the car came out sounding and driving bad. In short, was told by Lakewood we needed to have the cam fazier fixed, which is $2200.00 or possibly buy a new motor, which is over $3000.00 ! Took the vehicle to another shop and found out you and your mechanic were lying. It was only the spark plug #3, coil pack and clip to the coil pack, which was broke. You were suppose to change the #3 spark plug and never did. Come to find out, it only cost me $100 to fix my SUV NOT $2200.00. Now my vehicle runs perfect. It's so sad that a company like yours, robs from customers who put their trust into people like you. We will never come back nor recommend your business to anyone.

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