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Ana R.
Kissimmee, FL
Kia Optima
Verified Customer
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10/24/2018 Category: Service
Spoke with Ana's husband. He said the brakes are still the same and they want him to buy additional parts, because they said the problem is something else.
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Eddie D. from Master Tech Auto Electric Inc responded on 10/25/2018

Sorry Mr. and Mrs Rodriguez, but our records indicate we only did an alignment on your vehicle at your request and no other service. You were advised about your camber being off alignment on one side and that we would have to install a camber kit to correct it. You declined the repairs, however your vehicle was still aligned to the best of our capabilities without being able to correct your camber on that one side. We offered you 30 days to return and have the camber kit installed and we would realign the vehicle for free. Please give us a call if any of this was unclear and we will gladly explain it to you once more. Thank you for your time and business.

Fernando C.
Orlando, FL
Dodge Avenger
Verified Customer
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03/21/2017 Category: Service
Fernando said he was charged $40 for a tire and $11 in taxes. They also told him there was a disposal fee of $3.00 to get rid of the old tire and he told them to give it to him and he would get rid of it. They did not want to do that. They also charged a supply fee for nothing. He will not recommend this facility.
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Eddie D. from Master Tech Auto Electric Inc responded on 03/29/2017

I apologize for the confusion Mr.Colon. However, I do not see any charge for a tire disposal on your receipt, you were only charged for a used tire. We also would've had no issues allowing you to dispose of the tire. I believe you were told otherwise because the $3 you're claiming to be a disposal fee, are in fact our shop fees. Shop fees are standard on every printed invoice and cannot be omitted. You purchased a low profile sport tire for an 18 inch wheel. If I recall, you were not able to find this used tire anywhere before coming to us and we had 3 in stock. I also recall the price tag on the tire you purchased to be $45, yet we adjusted it to $40. I apologize, but as a legitimate business, we cannot avoid taxes sir so taxes will always get added to those $40. However, I am certain you were offered a cash price before you swiped your card. If you were unhappy with the price, you could of let us know while you were waiting for your vehicle and we could've found you another tire more suitable to your price budget. If you like, you can give us a call and we can try and work towards a better resolution to implement towards your next visit.

Mohammed H.
Kissimmee, FL
Audi A6
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
01/14/2017 Category: Service
Mohammed said this business did not tell him the truth, regarding the repairs. He stated he would like a refund.
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Eddie D. from Master Tech Auto Electric Inc responded on 01/24/2017

This customer was a young, troubled and confused teenager. We did all that we could do for him, he just insisted on trying to pick up his vehicle before settling his bill. Young man, no one lied to you. Your vehicle is in need of EVERYTHING we told you with the diagnostics including the internal damage to your engine. I am sorry we cannot perform those certain repairs at our facility so we recommended you to take your vehicle to an Audi specialist. We cannot give you a refund because all you paid for was the tow that brought us your car, and the diagnostics, which was completed and answers were given....you need to replace all those parts as mentioned, and have your engine either repaired, or replaced...its that simple. Customers beware, this kid created a scene upon picking up his vehicle because we would not allow him tow his vehicle away without settling his bill. We had to place a restrining order against him for his actions towards my service writer and service manager.

Iris C.
Kissimmee, FL
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
I will not recommended because the first and the last time I used your service your father behavior and attitude were very rude with me. He unrespect me. What did he say..."Go to hell, you don't know anything about mechanic " why he told me that, because I went there to fix a noise in the car brakes, so he "understood" that I needed to replace a motor part, the price was $200.00 more or less. Removing a screw from the part the screw brake, then he encrease the price to $500.00, and because I told him that he need to pay for the part that he broke, that was his answer, in front of everybody who were there, the employees, your mother and you.
I was waiting an opportunity like this to express you my bad experience in your place.
Eddie D. from Master Tech Auto Electric Inc responded on 07/24/2015

I am truly sorry for the inconvenience and bad experience. Unfortunately, this repair was done over two years ago and we cannot recall having this situation with a customer. It is extremely unlikely for any employee of ours to make such remarks to a customer as well, even under unfortunate situations such as a misunderstanding with a customer over a repair being done. Our records indicate Mrs. Iris C.had brakes done on her vehicle, and from the parts listed on her invoice, it seems the hardware (caliper bracket and/or sliders with screws) were damaged and needed to be replaced, something that happens regularly if brakes are neglected allowing parts to wear down past their limits, causing overheating and binding. Her price change most likely appeared upon disassembly, which is the only moment when a damaged hardware component can be found and identified. We can only hope we can help the customer get back on the road without spending too much money, but if upon disassembly we find broken or damaged components, it is our responsibility to repair the vehicle properly the first time. Most likely, here is where we had the misunderstanding, since it is never good news to find out you need to spend some more hard-earned money on an unexpected repair. I apologize if you felt disrespected in any way and I wish this were brought to my attention sometime in the past two years. I hope we can see you again so we can have a chance to make it up to you.