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Lee S.
Palm City, FL
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Never again
I brought my car to Mike's Performance Garage based on the numerous positive reviews on the various web sites. I'm sorry to say I believed them.

A couple of months back I brought my car in for some performance upgrades- the installation of already purchased, new in the box, aftermarket brake discs and pads for both front and rear brakes. This was a seemingly simple job.

When I picked up the car, I noted that one of the lug nuts was damaged & pointed it out to the mechanics. One of the mechs immediately became defensive and said it had come in that way when I clearly knew it had not. The lead mech promised to replace it with a new lug nut but they had to order one. "Fine," I said and told them I'd come back the following week. I should also note that the shop owner was on vacation.

In the interim I noted that the plastic package where my wheel lock key was kept was missing. I inquired if they knew where it went, was informed they hadn't seen it but would check the shop. I also noted that the brakes were making a lot of excess noise- squealing, clunking, grinding and pulling to one side at certain times. This, I was told, was attributed to the new discs settling into position. I took them on their word but the noises never diminished.

About a week later I went back to get the new lug installed, except that they had ordered the wrong lug, a point I had to mention. Magically, they found another matching lug in their supplies. I inquired again about the missing key package, to which I was told that it was not there. Except the owner was back now and he told them to look for it; again, magically the package appeared. Hmmmm. Thank you, Mr. Owner.

The squealing, grinding, clunking continued and this past weekend I discovered that the retention clip that held the pads in place in the front calipers were both dangling loosely inside the calipers. One caliper was even missing the 2 spring loaded pins that held the clips. At least I now knew what was making the noise & causing the braking issues.

Would I bring my car back to Mike's at this point to have them fix this? No freakin' way. Instead, I went to another respected local shop and within a few minutes they determined the problem. The pad retention clips were installed BACKWARDS and again, they noted the missing spring loaded pins that held the retention clip in place. They had it fixed and checked the rest of the brakes to make sure nothing else was wrong, all for $45, not the $220 paid for the initial install.

To say I am disappointed w/the work completed at Mike's Performance Shop, particularly after the 100's of positive reviews on the web, would be an understatement and I'd caution others to take my experiences into consideration.

Drew G.
Vero Beach, FL
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Beware of crooks at Mikes performance garage
Brought my car to the shop to fix a brake issue when I was younger and more naive to the car scene. Mike couldn't figure the issue out and charged me $250 for failed attempts to fix my problem. This place is trash, don't bring your car. BUYER BEWARE!!!

Dave C.
Port Saint Lucie, FL
Mercury Villager
Verified Customer
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11/19/2016 Category: Service
Spoke with Mike. He said he was very unhappy with how much the service cost.
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