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Danny L.
Jaguar XJ6
Verified Customer
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If I could give ten stars I would.

I was interested in buying a 1987 Jaguar (sight unseen) from a dealership in Christiansburg. I live in Seattle and couldn't make the trip to Virginia to see the car. But this car seemed special and from what I could see in the pictures and from how the dealer described it, I was definitely interested. I wanted a buyer's inspection done but being from Seattle, I didn't know any mechanics in Virginia. I read reviews of several mechanics on Yelp and Google. Modern Automotive seemed like a good choice so I contacted them about a buyer's inspection. I talked to Chuck, the owner, and he was so helpful that I felt comfortable having the dealer bring the car to him for the inspection. He said he could do the inspection in a couple days. I explained I was leaving the country in a few days and needed to wrap up the purchase before I left. Chuck squeezed the car into his busy schedule a day early to help me out. I arranged to have the dealer bring them the car.

The next day, I received a call from Carl, one of Chuck's mechanics. Carl had inspected the car and I could tell from what he said that he had been thorough. Carl took time with me explaining everything he did and the condition of the car, which was excellent, as I had hoped. I bought the car.

I knew there were a few things that needed to be done, such as a new headliner and work on the air conditioning. Chuck agreed to work on the car. He also said he would keep the car inside his shop until I could get a shipper there to pick it up for the trip to Seattle.

Now here's the most important part and why I am taking the time to write such a long review because these guys deserve to be recognized for their excellence. Being the car is 30 years old and I hadn't seen it myself, I asked Chuck to replace the belts, hoses, and fuel lines if they needed to be replaced. And since they were doing work inside the dash on the air conditioning, I asked them to do proactive work on the heater core of it needed it. Chuck and Carl easily could have done the work and I never would have known if the work truly needed to be done. But Chuck told me Carl inspected everything and the car simply didn't need the work even though it was 30 years old. The previous owner, who I didn't know, had clearly maintained the car well. I have to ask, how many mechanics would have taken advantage of a customer 3,000 miles away that they will never do business with again or hear from in the future? Many, I'm afraid. But not Modern Automotive. They are wonderful people with integrity and that means everything to me.

Chuck and Carl at Modern Automotive are honest people who do excellent work, keep their customers informed, and who go the extra mile. They made what could have been a difficult experience buying an old Jaguar from 3,000 miles away into an easy and pleasurable experience. If you want a mechanic who is professional, qualified, and trustworthy, then Modern Automotive is for you.

If I could give ten stars I would.
Chuck S., Manager from Modern Automotive responded on 06/19/2018

Thank you Danny!