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Jeffersonville, VT
Ford Pickup
Verified Customer
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"Not Thorough"
Called and asked if we could remedy the situation and told that they would contact me when the owner returned.
That was at least two weeks ago.

Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
"Not Thorough"
Quote from the owner. "The guy who worked on your truck does not work here anymore"
I asked "Did you have a problem with him?"
He replied, "yes, he was not thorough"

First brought in vehicle just to have it checked out and when I purchased the tuck I was aware that it may need transmission.
Also was interested in inspection.
Quotes were given for transmission and finally told that ball joint needed for inspection.
Previous service log provided showed new ball joint 9/2017.
Ball joint installed. Invoice indicated "DOES NOT include alignment" ($313.49) Wife picked up vehicle. Steering was now out of whack. When I drove it I thought maybe it needs alignment.
Brought vehicle back in for alignment($92.85)
Steering still out of whack. Returned for check out.
Now told vehicle needs steering rack, struts and springs.... okay it has 165000 miles. Installed new steering rack, struts, springs. ($1147.23).
Picked up vehicle, drove and heard loud single prop airplane sound. I though, maybe the tires are just wearing were they had not before.
After the sound was consistent I brought vehicle back in.
This is the point at which the owner indicated "the service tech that worked on your vehicle does not work here anymore"
He assured me that he would personally check out the the sound.
he thought is was coming from the rear and I thought it was coming from the front.
Told that vehicle needed Wavy washer in rear which could only be obtained through Ford.
Okay... put in the wavy washer ($735.57).
When I picked up vehicle I was told by tech that "owner drove vehicle and rear noise is gone but there is still noise in front, likely needs wheel bearing"
When I drove I noted that it was the same sound I had originally heard after service for rack,struts.spring.
Returned to shop and asked if they would remedy by installing wheel bearing.
Owner on vactation all week but
They said yes. I would purchase bearing and they would install (no labor). Estimate $350
Purchased bearing at Napa ($175). Told by tech that I needed to purchase bearing through them.

Not a fireman or state police man or rescue team member or town official.
Likely, losing my business will not be an issue.
Dan W. from Notch Road Auto Repair responded on 10/11/2018

Ray, the truck you purchased from an auction had 165,000 miles on it, and was previously owned by a lumber company. It was clear it hadn't been maintained or serviced. We were very straight forward with you, when you came in for an inspection. We diagnosed the transmission noise you were hearing, and you DECLINED the repair. We replaced a ball joint on the right front lower, this did not include the alignment due to a ball joint being installed on the lower control arm is less likely to change any alignment adjustments. You came back with a steering concern and we found the electronic steering rack had an internal issue with one of the electric motors. We found one front coil spring broken at the very top which could have happened at anytime. Again YOU did not want to spend much money, so we found you a used electronic steering rack, and recommended both front struts and coil springs be replaced. We did the repairs and the truck was good to go, then u return with a humming noise that was never mentioned from the beginning. I personally checked out the noise, with my other empoyees and the wheel bearings were not loose but when we would drive the vehicle on the lift (we call it air driving) we could hear noises coming from every where. No loose wheel bearings, but possibly a left front wheel bearing making noise, but something from the rear end was making a terrible noise. Advised you that we would need to disassemble the rear end to see what’s going on, you agreed and we took it apart finding a wave plate washer for the side carrier bearings broken and floating around. The rear end housing, got you a price and did the repair. Now with my experience if I had ignored the noise in the rear end it would have cost you thousands of dollars when that rear end blew up due to the broken wave plate washer. This repair in its self was a priority, the wheel bearing yes I acknowledged the noise but prioritize the repairs needed. I think it is unfair for the review you have given us, I understand your frustration but you have to understand you bought a used truck from a auction with multiple problems and noises and high mileage, wanting to address every single noise is very hard to do and can be very expensive. My tech did call me about the wheel bearing and I agreed to install one at no charge , if you paid for the bearing, as far as you purchasing the bearing through us it for two reasons, one is quality of the product and two is the warranty of the part and the repair, yes anyone can walk into a parts store and purchase there own part, but I’ll have to tell you $175 for a wheel bearing is a low grade quality bearing with no warranty. If that’s the type of repair you want, that’s fine with me, but I’m all about quality of the parts and the warranty. 

BMW 750xi
Verified Customer
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Not so happy
When I initially brought my vehicle to notch road auto I was told by the staff that they could fix any car and that it didn't matter if it was a high end vehicle . At that time all I needed was an alignment and an oil change which they took care of . A few weeks later I scheduled a pcv valve replacement and after waiting for an hour the mechanic came out and told me that he ordered the wrong piece . When I tried to reschedule to get my vehicle fixed with the right piece I was given the run around for 2 weeks until finally I was told that that particular job would be too big for them to handle . I appreciated the honesty but they could've told me that initially. A few weeks later I went back to get a bulb replaced in my headlight and was met with reluctance . When I asked if it would be better if I had this done someplace else the gentleman at the desk replied , " yes . That job would be a pain in the ass " . Between my car and my wife's car I spent a good amount of money with notch road auto so I felt slighted to say the least .
Dan W. from Notch Road Auto Repair responded on 11/27/2017

Jay, I apologize you feel dissapointed with your service and would like to clairify your request with the pcv valve. I personally was the gentleman at the desk, and mechanic you spoke to regarding the replacement.
You requested for me to order the pcv valvue, without allowing my shop to do a proper diagnostic on your vehicle, as i stated was necessary. You didnt want to pay for it and assured you knew exactly what it was from a forum you read. You strickly wanted the part ordered and to be replaced. We followed your request, being the customer.
When my mechanic went to replace the part, due to three different engine design varations for your BMW, 750 XI, the part was incorrect. At which point you were not charged any labor, we apologized, and made efforts to re-order, and re-schedule. After re-scheduling you missed two appointments (canceled same day), and one today 11/27/17 for a three hour appointment. (NO CALL).
As the owner, indeed some vehicle repairs are harder than others, but I am specialized in mechanics, properly educated, and honest with all my customers. I have never turned a customers job away, unless it is dealer specific. . As for the headlight, we do not carry HID bulbs, and stated we could order it for you. 
I appreciate your business as a new customer since September, and hope this clarifys your review. We try to do our best, and give our customers 100% satisfaction. 

Sara C.
Toyota Sienna
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
07/11/2017 Category: Service
Sara said there was no communication and she was not given options as to where to park her vehicle. They charged $55 a day for storage and they were the only ones to charge for a storage fee. She will not be going back to them.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Dan W. from Notch Road Auto Repair responded on 07/24/2017

I'm not sure what the low score and comment is for, but we run a legitimate towing and recovery business. We were called by the Vermont State Police to remove a totaled vehicle from the roadway on a Saturday. Customers son was driving and the vehicle was removed from the road way and brought back to our impound yard where we get $55 a day for storage due to the fact the vehicle was not drivable and could not be moved. Customer owed for the initial towing charge of $125 and 4 days of storage $220, We use a standard rate of $55 a day for storage like everyone else, this is nothing new and is clearly posted at our facility. I would also like to note the vehicle was not picked up till the fifth day which we did not charge for.

Dan Wyckoff   

Pat R.
Toyota Tacoma
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
03/23/2015 Category: Service
Pat said this business did not do anything to resolve his initial dissatisfaction, and he still feels the same way about them. He said they contacted him on the telephone, but did not do anything meaningful.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.

Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
03/23/2015 Category: Service
Pat said that he did not have a very good experience and so he would not recommend this business.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Dan W. from Notch Road Auto Repair responded on 04/01/2015

I was made aware this low score was made due to a failed Vermont state inspection. Vehicle came to our shop for a inspection and the customer was advised the left front wheel bearing was loose and the right front headlight was cracked, customer was given an estimate for these repairs because they do not pass Vermont state inspection. I contacted the customer after receiving this low score and was told they had taken it to the Toyota dealership and Toyota put an inspection sticker on it without repairing the wheel bearing or the headlight, customer stated the dealer has always been really strict on inspections and feels we where trying to rip him off with unnecessary repairs. I tried to explain what Toyota did was wrong and unprofessional and driving with a loose wheel bearing puts everyone on the road at risk! We are very strict on fallowing the Vermont state inspection rules and I will be filing a formal complaint with DMV!

Cambridge, VT
Volvo XC90
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Disappointed Service
Dirty tires thrown in car despite being asking twice for bags and then being told at the time of payment that $20 had been added to the bill for work that had been done after the fact. This is the second time this happened. Should have listened it my neighbor.
Dan W. from Notch Road Auto Repair responded on 11/22/2014

This customer was obviously looking for everything to complain about! First off this Customer brought tires already mounted on rims in the back of his Volvo, and let me add the entire trunk area had been lined in trash bags by the owner, one would assume in preparation for the DIRTY summer tires that are on the own rims to go back in. Owner sent his wife for this appointment and she never asked once for tire bags, I would know as the owner I checked her in and I did the work, we do not provide tire bags unless asked or you purchase new tires and with a trunk lined with trash bags covering everything in The back of the vehicle WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT!!!!!!' I new this review was coming, I have had issues with the customer in the past, and as you can see with ratings of 4 stars and 5 stars from other customer, I think we all know what is going on here!!!! 

and last but not least the $20 fee extra, well upon removing the winter tires from the back of the vehicle one of them was flat, found a nail in it, an arrogant mechanic would have ignored it filled it with air and sent them on there way! But we asked to fix it, the winter tire swap was $30 and the tire repair was $20 because it had to be dismounted, repaired, remounted, rebalanced and installed on the vehicle. 

We are talking a $54 bill total , our regular mount and balance is $69.21, I offered to refund his money if he was that dissatisfied and he said no. 

This day and age it's easier to write something degrading online about people or a business instead of coming in face to face and resolving issues like the old days. im not going to site here and have to respond to every comment because really it comes down to He Said She Said! 

And with that said, Joshua we will no longer provide our services to you. Thank you and have a nice day

Alex H.
Cambridge, VT
Subaru Outback
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
05/28/2014 Category: Service
Alex said the bill was more than the quote, they did unnecessary work. They broke something and they charge him for it. He is not recommending them for these reasons and will not be going back.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Dan W. from Notch Road Auto Repair responded on 05/30/2014

Good Morning Alex, Your vehicle came in for a standard Tire Mount & Balance and Oil Change which are pre-set prices here and a headlamp issue which you told us about at the time we scheduled your appointment. We did the tires and the oil change and then we looked into the headlight issue, which the left headlight did not work and the bulb was blown, the bulb was replaced but still did not work. It is our philosophy that we will futher investigate issues such as this to make certain that the repair you requested is righted before your automobile leaves our shop, hence the 1/2 hour labor charge to diagnose the electrical wiring issue affecting your auto headlamp. Your electrical wiring issue affecting your auto headlamp will need further investigation to solve the problem and your automobile will not pass State Inspection unless this wiring issue is diagnosed and solved. Unfortunately, based on your less than favorable review, it is our understanding that we will not have the privilege of solving that electrical wiring issue for you.

Dan Wyckoff, Owner
Notch Road Auto Repair  

Dan W. from Notch Road Auto Repair responded on 05/30/2014

And a phone call would have been apprechiated if you where not happy with the service, but you did not make a phone call you just decided to ding me on this review site with lies about breaking things and doing service that wasn't required.

Dan W. from Notch Road Auto Repair responded on 05/30/2014

Which of course if i broke something I would admit to it and would have advised you, I did not break anything and i did not do any unnessary work.