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Ron C.
Shelbyville, MI
Subaru Forester
Verified Customer
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Replaced the front drive spindles. My vehicle still has problems with tight turning, making clunking sounds. Not fixed!
My Subaru is still not driving correctly, after thousand dollar repair. I am not pleased with your service.
Craig O. from O'Neill's Transmission Service, Inc. responded on 03/08/2017


We are sure glad things are working good on your car now.  It's never a fun process when a prior repair facility has had their hands in things, but I think we have you sorted out now! 

It would mean a great deal if you would revisit this review in light of the current state of the car.  

Be well, and thank you so much for your enduring patience as we worked through the issues.  

With repsect,

Craig O'Neill
Business Manager / Technician

Deb M.
Holland, MI
Honda CR-V
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
very pricey
After taking my vehicle to my regular mechanic to replace the right front axle, I learned he could have replaced the left front axle and the rear drive shaft for half what you charged me. Your discount wasn't very discounted. Also, you disconnected my exhaust system from the undercarriage and never reconnected it so now it is completely broken off the front catalytic converter, and banging on the underside of the car. The brand new muffler and tail pipe are in danger of coming off and the car is really, really LOUD. I am really unhappy with your service this time. You may have done a terrific job on the transmission back in April, (my mechanic still says I paid too much for that too) but this time you overcharged me and damaged my exhaust system by not reconnecting it to the undercarriage. My husband said the brackets holding the muffler in place were welded to the frame and they were actually cut when the transmission was put in. Why wasn't it reconnected then? Now because the rest of the pipe was disconnected from the frame, it completely broke loose of the converter. Yes, there was a crack there before but, it wasn't completely loose-broke off and noisy then.
Craig O., Service Manager from O'Neill's Transmission Service, Inc. responded on 10/20/2015

Deb, It needs to be pointed out, that we did absolutely nothing with your exhaust system during your most recent visit.  Your 260,000 mile vehicle has many other issues ( aside from what we helped you with most recently ). I'm glad we were able to squeeze you in on a Friday, I"m happy when we can help customers out.  As for our pricing, I'm sure you'll recall, we offered you a used option on this repair, and you opted for the new part ( wise choice, and an easy choice when your not paying the bill ).  When your parents came down to pay for, and pick up the vehicle for you, I showed them all the broken parts and discussed the right side axle. I'm glad you addressed that.  If your regular "mechanic" was cheaper, it was due to cheaper parts. Cheap parts don't last, and end up costing more in the longrun. Lots of shops use cheaper parts, WE DO NOT. Our shop is known for quality repairs,and we don't cut corners.  Had you called me with any of these concerns, I would've  been more than happy to re-inspect your vehicle, and confirm for you that we did NOT disturb your exhaust.  I have notes from your first visit (over 6 months ago ) about your cracked exhaust system, and other issues with the vehicle.  You chose to ignore the information and it broke, I'm not quite sure how we could've prevented that.  We do appreciate your business, we gave you fast service, and a top notch repair at a very fair price.  I believe your mechanic is giving you false information, and I'm sorry for that.  Hopefully his ignorance doesn't compromise your safety.

Michael T.
Grand Rapids, MI
Honda CR-V
Verified Customer
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Make it right
I originally brought my car to them for a transmission problem and when I got it back after an expensive repair, it still had the problem. After subsequent testing and diagnostics, they concluded that there was most likely an issue with the parts that they replaced. They said they needed the car for a number of days to replace the defective parts and rented a car for me to use while mine was in their shop. When I got the car back after this repair, the problem was fixed. I'll give them credit for calling many times to convince me to bring it back to them to "make it right".

Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Never again
Charged me over $2300 to replace the torque converter and it didn't fix the problem I brought it in for. I'm not even sure the torque converter needed to be replaced.
Craig O., Service Manager from O'Neill's Transmission Service, Inc. responded on 05/16/2014

Michael, we would like the opportunity to further discuss this repair with you.  Please contact me via phone to arrange a re-assessment of your situation. We are as interested in getting your vehicles problem corrected as you are.

David S.
St. Peters, MO
Ford Explorer
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
01/18/2014 Category: Service
David said this business wanted too much money and they are not friendly. He would not recommend this business due to the reasons mentioned.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Tedd O. from O'Neill's Transmission Service, Inc. responded on 01/22/2014

David, I'm truly sorry you feel you did not receive the service I expect all of our customers to get from my staff. 

I do remember your time in Grand Rapids the week of Christmas, and, frankly not sure how we failed to express friendliness, and gratitude for the chance to service your car.  We all remember you having car problems, dealing with an ill family member far from home.  This is a far more stressfull situation than your typical breakdown.

Your unfortunate car issue did coincide with a time (Christmas) that we were opperating with less than half of our normal staff.  So the estimate you received was for a factory exchange unit, not one of our own rebuilds, or repair options.  This was done to help get the job done quicker for you, and with the best out of state warranty.  Cheaper options, we never got the opportunity to explore for you.

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