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Michael H.
Austin, TX
Ram 1500
Verified Customer
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06/11/2018 Category: Service
Michael said the staff was not able to fix his vehicle.

Round Rock, TX
Mazda Mazda6
Verified Customer
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One day job doubles in length and price
While the front end staff was fairly helpful, overall the experience wasn't great. I called to ask if they could replace a wheel bearing and lower control arm the same day as I had been unable to do so myself and I needed the car driving as soon as possible. They told me they could, so I brought it by as soon as I could. It took longer to bring the car over than expected, so when they told me it may need to be picked up first thing the next morning, naturally, I thought that was fine. I received a call the next morning that there has been an issue. I'm going to get a bit technical here, so please bear with me. The ball joint is a piece in the end of the control arm(s) that allows the knuckles that attaches to it so spin and angle back and forth. The knuckle is the part that your wheel is connected to via a hub and bearing and the brake system. On my vehicle, there is a slightly larger opening in the knuckle for the ball joint to pass through and a metal sleeve is used to take up that extra space. I believe this is to help with the life of the ball joint, but I could be wrong. In either case, this means that you have to remove the ball joint carefully and not just beat on it because if you do so you will actually take the sleeve out with it. And what did they do? They took the sleeve out with the ball joint, and as you are supposed to reuse this part the brand new control arm and ball joint assembly I bought at Napa doesn't come with one. So now I am told that because they damaged part of the car I have to buy the dealer part that comes with it. This is an increase in price of over $150. TlDr: they improperly removed parts and in doing so, damaged others and had to replace those at increased cost to the customer. This further delayed the time table, and though they said they'd have the part in an hour or two it was until something like 4:00 that I was told the car was ready. When I arrived I was shown the bill, and found they'd billed me at the customer supplied parts rate despite only $30 worth of parts actually being customer supplied (around 10%). When I received back the control arm and brought it to Napa to see about returning it, I found that not only had they tried to install it (i.e. didn't just look and see there was a piece Missing or consult a manual for this vehicle) but they had also not included any of the hardware. The nut, grease filler, cotter pin, all missing. Without those a parts store will not accept a return. At this point I was so furious I just thanked the guys at Napa and didn't bother asking if they knew where my small parts were. They'd no doubt lost them. Would not recommend this place, even if they are the only ones that say they can do a job in a day

Jacque K.
Round Rock, TX
Mercury Mountaineer
Verified Customer
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Poor service
Took my vehicle yesterday to get oil change and "fluids checked", but was not even told my coolant reservoir was bone dry!!! Not any fluid at all in there. So disappointed in the service. Waited over an hour and a half and couldn't even tell me this. I would have paid for this service. Won't be bringing either vehicle back!

dordy p.
Austin, TX
Mazda 6
Verified Customer
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Engine Burning Oil Smell on Mazda 6 I 2003 V3
I had smell burning oil coming from the engine Mazda 6 I 2003 V3. On 12/13/2014, I took the vehicle to Open Road Automotive and was billed $ 381.71 for parts & labor to replace valve cover gasket.
Also there was noise coming from power steering, highly noticeable when making a right or left turn, I was charged $50 for alignment for that, but it did not resolved the noise issue.
The shop manager Vince’s said within a few days driving the car the smell burning oil will go away. It was not the case, a month driving the car; the oil burning smell is becoming very strong. As I was cleaning the engine, I had discovered oil leak coming from the front valve cover gasket. I was shocked that Open Road Automation did not get job done. I had to take time off from work again and went back to them, guess what new issue found, now it’s the oil pan gasket and front gasket causing the smell oil burn, and for the power steering scraping noise it’s both front mounting bracket needing to replace. I had to challenge the manager (Vince) for the work that his shop did not done correctly, somehow he was okay with redo the front valve gasket, but at their spare time and I MUST CALL THEM FOR AVAILABILITY. From a customer standpoint Open Road did not take my concern seriously, it’s like I am asking for favor. I did not trust them with their service.
I ended up taking the car to another shop who knows how to treat customer and also fixed the valve cover gasket which I paid Open Road Automotive to replace in the first place. I've asked the shop manager Vince’s to work things, but he is being very aggressive, and rude. In both occasion, I spoke with him over the phone and in person, he is pointing finger at me, stating that “he gave me a chance to bring the car back to them, but I did not. That’s on me, deal with it!” Honestly, it was a great opportunity for Open Road Automotive to turn a bad customer experience into customer good experience.
I am done doing business with this shop “Open Road Automotive, and off of my recommendation list to friend, and colleagues. I am reporting them to Better Business Bureau for taking my hardworking money for such a rip off service.

Round Rock, TX
Honda Accord
Verified Customer
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I set up an appointment online, but no one ever called to confirm, when I called to check, they said they didnt get it & I didnt have an appointment.
John Y. from Open Road Automotive & Tire responded on 08/10/2013

Michelle i am so sorry that no one called you to confirm but we never received your appointment request.  This is a brand new part of our point of sales system.  Thank you for letting us know that we have a kink in the system and will resolve it.

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