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Emma L.
Ithaca, NY
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They took advantage of the fact that I am a female college student.
I feel like this company RIPPED ME OFF. I am a college student that lives in Ithaca. I know nothing about cars. I went to Patterson’s Service Station to have a repair done to my radiator on my 2007 Volvo. My roommate unfortunately bumped a curb and it caused a leak. She and her dad agreed to pay for the repair. I was quoted a price for repair and told them to go ahead because I assumed the price quoted was what is ordinarily charged for this repair. They quoted me $1280 for the repair including $382 for the radiator and almost 6 hours labor for the job. I was very naive to assume that this was reasonable.

I learned shortly thereafter that VOLVO – the manufacturer of my car only estimates 3 hours for the job of replacing the radiator and necessary parts according to their “standard times guide.” I then went on line to a number of sites including “my mechanic” and found that the price for repair of a radiator for my car is $627 on average and it seems about 3 hours labor is the norm. The company charged me 2x what the average price for repair was and ALMOST DOUBLED the average time for labor necessary. I also went on line to radiators express and other sites and found out the radiator itself was only $128 so that was MARKED UP ALMOST 3X the on line cost.

Finally, when my roommate’s father called on my behalf and confronted the service station about concerns that Pattersons was taking advantage of me because I didn’t know anything about cars, the company said they didn’t want to speak with him anymore, even though I asked them to talk to him because he was paying the bill. He even sent Pattersons the Volvo time guidelines he got from a dealership to show them they were OVERCHARGING for the labor time. After that, they refused to take his payment and made me use my credit card, even though he was assuming all responsibility for the repair. Unfortunately, I needed my car and they had already started the repair when I found out that what the reasonable pricing should have been on this job, so I had to pay the full estimated charge of $1280 because they said I agreed to it. What’s worse is that in the middle of this, my roommates father called a shop downtown only a mile or two away from Pattersons in Ithaca and they estimated the same repair for under $500.

My experience with Patterson’ Service Station was terrible. In my opinion, they totally took advantage of me because I am a young woman who has no experience with cars and did not know any better. I would not recommend this service station to anyone.