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Review for Purrfect Auto
OTTO B. on 04/23/2014
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"Disappointed "
Towed my car over there last Saturday, after it stalled on the Freeway. Was told someone would call me back Saturday afternoon with an update. That didn't happen. Monday rolls around. I call to get an update twice and by the end of the day they finally call me back and tell me the car was just out of gas and after putting in $10 worth (2.5gal) now it runs fine. I tell them there must be something wrong with the fuel gauge, because it was at half tank when it stalled on me. They say they will take a look at it and test drive it Tuesday morning. Tuesday rolls around. Again crickets. Finally they call back Tuesday afternoon and they say everything checked out. I pick up the car after hours on Tuesday and immediately get concerned after seeing the gas gauge is showing half tank. Sure enough, it was nearly empty (put 14.5gal in). So after having the car for three days they were unable to diagnose something that took me 5 minutes. Wednesday morning I call in to complain and Pat claims they noticed the fuel gauge was off, but because of some communication breakdown ("misunderstanding") over there it was never discussed with me or written down anywhere. So after three days in the shop the car is nowhere closer to getting fixed thanks to the incompetency at this place.
Vehicle: Ford Mustang
Service Date: 04/22/2014
Review Created: 04/23/2014 08:50 PM