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Karla M.
Ann Arbor, MI
Toyota Camry
Verified Customer
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clean and quick but watch out for price gouging
They did good, quick work on my car but charged 10% more than the top YourMechanic price for the brake job that they did. Even in Ann Arbor, we deserve better. They also gouged on hours for other, smaller work that they did on the car. I prefer working with skilled technicians I can trust - I don't want to do battle with my auto repair experts!

Steve H.
Ann Arbor, MI
Audi A3
Verified Customer
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You didn't do such a good job...in fact it was horrid!
I took my car in for service on a Thursday as I was driving to Chicago on Friday, the air conditioning went out. This turned into a cascading series of events in the car where my A3 wound up blowing the coolant overflow tank and dumping most of the coolant on the ground...while I was driving in heavy traffic. The mechanic noted that the exhaust clamp was broken. I was never told this. The cascading events apparently started when the exhaust came undone and the engine, without backpressure from the exhaust started to run faster. I was 250 miles from home. Lucky for me, I had AAA and could get a flatbed tow to a nearby dealer where they could look at my car on Saturday. Not only was the coolant gone, the exhaust needed some replacements, the fans that control the a/c and cooling were gone as well. This place really didn't do a good inspection and failed to tell me the exhaust was broken and about to come apart. Too many things went wrong ONE DAY AFTER IT WAS SERVCED by Stadium. I'll not be darkening their door again. Additionally, I was promised a call by the owner. It never happened. Total failure fora customer. How many more people has this happened to? I'll never know. There was so much repair work that the car needed that I was forced to trade it in. Not a happy camper. Not at all. Don't go there.

Eric O.
Ann Arbor, MI
Ford Focus
Verified Customer
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I recently brought my car in because of backfiring, engine light on, low power. My car was in the shop for the whole day, and all the mechanics could tell me was that the problem "might" be a need for timing chain replacement. But this would require at least another day in the shop, and the cost would be nearly a thousand dollars. Also, since I picked up my car, the front end makes noise whenever I make turns. I was billed $100 for this.

I am very disappointed. I have been a regular customer since returning to Ann Arbor a couple of years ago, but something seems to have changed at Stadium Auto and I'm not sure I'll be back.

Kyle T.
New Boston, MI
Mercedes-Benz CL500
Verified Customer
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Honestly not happy at all.
Came in to get pump installed first time. Cost: around $700. Pump failed on the way home. Checked hydraulic fluid, nothing in there completely clean. Called you guys, asked why there was none in there, on the phone he said it's just the reservoir and it does not need to be filled up. Can't be the reason the pump failed and it was probably the accumulator. Brought it in again, showed him the fluid was completely empty, he changed the story to I'm sure we filled it, must of all leaked out. Which is bullshit. Obviously someone forgot to fill it and the pump failed. Your fault. Cost of the second install 1150. Almost double. What the fuck? The only difference was I had you install to side mirror lights which accounts for 100. But the increase in price for the same job.... Not okay.

Oh, and I repeatedly asked to keep the old pump in the box so I can return it but apparently they threw it away. Lost another 350 for that.
Also never replaced the left turn signal.
Think that's about it. Brian's nice though. But the rest of your team is obviously not very bright.

Erik B.
Grosse Ile Township, MI
Volkswagen Passat
Verified Customer
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80 K VW Service
Made an appointment to have 80k service performed on my 2012 Passat TDI, specifically discussed transmission fluid change and confirmed the shop's ability and readiness for this work. When I returned to pick up the car the trans service had not been completed for lack of materials. I drove from Grosse Ile for this service. I received an apology and another am appointment, the inconvenience is topped only by the incompetence of the original service. Will not recommend or return for future work.

Amanda S.
Lincoln Park, MI
Dodge Stratus
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
(THEY MADE ME GIVE AT LEAST A 1 STAR; otherwise I would have given them a 0!) I had my car towed to Stadium Auto Service because it was within 5 miles of where it broke down. They state they replaced my starter ($479.00) and although the car starts now, it makes a horrible grinding noise when it starts which means they replaced it with the wrong starter or didn't line it up correctly. When I left the shop, every time I stopped the car, my car stalled. I found when I returned home that a sensor had been unplugged. They attempted to get me to obtain a tune up for $469.00 (due to all the labor that goes into a tune up....) and told me that if I didn't get a tune up, then I would wear out my new starter! This place is a joke! I feel as if I were ripped off by the cost, attempted to take advantage of for an outrageous costing tune up, and they messed with my car to attempt obtaining additional business from me. I WOULD NEVER GO THERE AGAIN NOR RECOMMEND!!!!!!

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