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Jamie O.
Haslett, MI
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A new water pump and a recommended head gasket replacement to fix a coolant reservoir.
I used A&D for several repairs on my car because I appreciated the convenience of their loaner vehicles. However, when my coolant light started blinking, I took it in again to fix it. They told me that my water pump needed to be replaced for $1300. When I picked it up, the coolant light was still blinking! They looked at it again and said that my head gasket was blown. They said they would give me a deal and replace it for "only" $1000-1200.

I wanted a second opinion, so I took it to a different shop, which replaced the coolant reservoir for $165. Problem solved, and my head gasket showed no problems at this other shop. This other mechanic told me that my water pump may have been unnecessarily replaced, and that A&D had a current law suit with another client for faulty brakes. I don't trust them after this. Buyers beware.

I imagine if A&D responds to this review, they'll say that they stand by their work and will show me how my head gasket is messed up, as they told me this when I called and complained. But I think it's very interesting and upsetting that another repair shop found no such problem and that they fixed my problem for $165, not $2500.

Sean D.
Cape Coral, FL
Chevrolet Forward Control
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Overpriced, bad quality, nice people though
Everyone nice. But promised three weeks, took two months and when delivered windshield leaked (never did), batteries dead, paint did not match, decal missing, never fixed mirror (mirror hit was a main issue), batteries dead. (Motorhome..they were good two months earlier), said back panel repainted...it wasnt. And gave wrong spare tire back....constant lies about service but smiled....nice people but lousy service.
Dan G. from A & D Repair responded on 11/28/2017

Dear Mr.Dever i do apologize to you about your experience here at A&D, as for the time your motor home was here about a month of that was waiting for your insurance company to give us "approval" for your work to be complete after that was approved we completed every detail of work that the  insurance company approved us to do on your RV i am sorry you feel that the work we completed was not done correctly to your standards i can assure you it was done correctly and once again i am truly sorry for your experience here and hope you have a great day Sincerely,  Chris Johnson 

David W.
Perry, MI
Saturn VUE
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Service has been going down hill over the last year +
After a small run in with a deer our VUE developed a bad vibration going over 55 mph and a leak from the engine. I used the website first to try to set an appointment and never got anything but the automated 'we got your message' reply. When A&D finally looked at the car the first diagnoses was a broken motor mount causing the leak and a bad tire causing the vibration. A second look determined a weight had come off a (frt drive) 1/2 shaft and the shaft had to be send out to be re balanced. At this point they have had the car over a week. When we got the car back the carpet, which wasn't very clean anyway, now has greasy stains on it and the clock was never re-set after they disconnected the battery for service. If this were an isolated incident, well things happen. But the last few times we have had vehicles in for service the quality of the service just isn't what it should be. Oil dripping after oil changes, the camper came back with a dent in the bumper and a crease on the tongue jack (didn't see these when I picked it up, so I can't complain about the damage). We have been servicing our (3) vehicles, and the camper, here for 3 years, but this may the be last time we come back. Sorry, but for the money we spend on service we can do better even at a dealership.
Sam S., Service Manager from A & D Repair responded on 12/15/2017

David, this is not the service you should expect here. I wont make excuses for the poor service you received the last visit to us, that is not the way we operate. We are still ironing out some glitches in the automatic scheduling on the website, Unfortunately the computer has no way of knowing we are scheduling 1-2 weeks out and that someone cant schedule the next day. We should have called and explained. As for the misdiagnoses, the mechanic who looked at your car is no longer with us. As you pointed out he doesn't do the quality work you should expect here at A&D. That said i personally diagnosed this the second time and will admit it was a bit of a challenge to find. No excuses, we pride ourselves on fixing the hard stuff. We actually receive vehicles the dealers cant figure out all the time. I would love to make this right with you, I certainly don't want to loose a valued customer. Please call me back and lets talk about what it would take to make you happy, I'm here to help. 

Samuel Strother
Service Manger

Becky C.
Bath, MI
Ford F-150
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Problem still hasn’t been fixed after 2 weeks and $2200.00 dollars later so you tell me how you would feel.
Absolutely awful. Would never recommend to my worst enemy!
Sam S., Service Manager from A & D Repair responded on 11/03/2017

Im sorry to hear of this problem, we have tried to call you and our husband numerous times to help resolve it. Please return our calls. We have a 2 Year, 24,000 mile nationwide waranty and we would be glad to help! Please Call Us, we are here to help.

Samuel Strother
Service Manger

Peter B.
East Lansing, MI
Oldsmobile Bravada
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
1 oil cooler line repair
let see .....book time on repair was 1.2 hours charged me 205.00 Thanks
Dan G. from A & D Repair responded on 03/24/2016

We are definitely not the cheapest place in town, like the place that repaired that line for you the first time. I do hope you still appreciate that we did repair your vehicle the same day with no appointment, and installed a part that you provided, something that we don't normally do. You can always take it back to the place that fixed it the first time, Im sure their pricing was a bit better, maybe they would get it right the second, or third time. 

William D.
Meridian Charter Township, MI
Saturn Vue
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
VUE Tail Light Final Repair
What might have been an out-of-the-box bulb failure was repaired INSTANTLY when A&D was notified. This incident is History! :=)

Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Tail Light Repair
Found tail light to be still inoperable
when out driving around last NIGHT. :=(
Dan G. from A & D Repair responded on 06/24/2014

Im sorry to hear about your inconvenience, as you know Bill, all of our services come with an industry best 2 Year waranty. Thank you for the opportunity to correct this issue. I look forward to continuing service on your vehicles.

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