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Boston, MA
Toyota Pickup
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Lack of communication.
After leaving A-Z Auto Center after some brake word and structural welding, I took the vehicle to another garage to get an assessment of the suggested further work regarding the braking system. The second garage advised me to not do the work, and not to put any more serious money into the vehicle due to the extreme rust throughout the undercarriage. While the welding job done was competent, (as was the brake work completed), there are apparently many other points of potentially serious rust failure, which could cause a breakdown while traveling. This was not made clear at the initial encounter with A-Z Auto Center. Had that concern been communicated, I likely would not have invested the nearly $2500 in the vehicle. IN addition, the vehicle was in the garages of A-Z Auto center for nearly a month, and I felt that I was not kept apprised of the amount of time needed to reclaim the vehicle. While the individuals with whom I had contact at A-Z Auto center were cordial and solicitous, I didn't feel I was given the information needed to make a sound decision.