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Brighton, MA
Hyundai Sonata
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Kept my car for 5 days
Unfortunately had a bad experience at AZ. It wasn't my first time going but will be my last. They were just replacing my oil pan and putting a valve gasket on. They first said it was delayed because something had to dry for a few hours and then the reasoning was because the wrong part came in. Overall, 5 day without a car for a small fix was ridiculous. They also charged an absurd amount of money for such a fix. Nice people just not the best service

Brighton, MA
Honda Fit
Verified Customer
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2010 Honda Fit
I dropped car at this place.. and I noted that my car left cv axel is broke.. they sent me email.. estimated price 663$ I called to say that I don’t accept to fix this here because of high price.. they told me than you gonna have to pay 109$ diagnostic fee.. in the end of the day we agreed to bring our part they gonna replace it.. and charge us only later.. by the way I can purchase cv axle for 70$ they charge wanted to charge me 135$.. anyways .. they repaired the part but car makes noise from there that they did job..my name is israyil and my number is+18572044112 call me if anyone wanna say something..

Quincy, MA
Toyota Prius
Verified Customer
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Horrible experience
I gave my car at january 23 for battery issue.We deal with him.He didnt keep his promise and took 300 dollar for nothing do favor yourself and your wallet dont choosing this company

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South Hamilton, MA
Volkswagen Jetta Sedan
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Untrustworthy, Scammer's
This place was by far the worst experience I have ever had. I strongly recommend to anyone to never use this place. For a oil pan gasket replacement that wasn't needed they charged $380 dollar's of labor. When requested to not do it they said it was too late. However, when I arrived several hours later they said they were putting them in now. Absolutely disgusting business. To give a perspective my mechanic was willing to do all of it for less then half.

Brighton, MA
Subaru Impreza Sedan
Verified Customer
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Do not take your car to this place for car inspection
Dishonest - they will try to rip you off with every opportunity they get.

Cambridge, MA
Fiat 500
Verified Customer
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Bad communication with customer!
I used to be a customer at their Cambridge location before it closed, and it was nothing but fantastic! The Brighton location however is not as good. I took my car in for a general tune up that should have been a one-day case, but it took three days for me to get my car back. After getting the work done on it, the bolts were not tightened and my car made a rattling noise such that I did not feel comfortable driving it. Had to take it back for more tune-ups. The original issue that I brought it in for, a noisy reversing sound, was not addressed. I am moving out of town anyways, but would not go back for further service.

Allston, MA
Honda Civic
Verified Customer
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Came in with a specific car problem, AZ auto center only offerred other potential car problems
I came in with a specific problem. I imagined that the auto center would look into said problem, but they instead produced several other potential problems with the car (none of which I was concerned with and only some were actual problems with the car) that amounted to over a $2,000 in repairs and labor. I have never had this kind of experience at any other auto repair shop. When all was said and done, my experience amounted to a $50 visit to have my car assessed for potential problems to my car that do not even exist. And just FYI, I then went to another auto repair shop in the area and not only had the specific issue fixed, but also had it done for under $500.

Brighton, MA
Subaru Forester
Verified Customer
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Car broke down when they promised it was safe
I had a list of repairs of which I couldn't pay for all at once. I asked them to do what needed to be done for it to be safe. I broke down. They were wrong. Stranded in Connecticut now

Brighton, MA
Mercury Mountaineer
Verified Customer
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Not! I didn't receive a call back about scheduling a time to drop off my car to get an pre-inspection... been a loyal customer for years and this was the first time I had to pay for a diagnostic check after being told it wasn't going to cost me anything.
Absolutely not... I was told I needed $2300 of work done on my car... that was suspect bcuz I had taken the care somewhere else prior to bringing it to a to z and there was close to nothing wrong with the car... after a to z gave me the estimate on so called repairs that needed to be done I took my car somewhere else and got the same results as I did when I took it to the first place....
PALMER knew I had no clue about my car do he definitely tried to get over on me...I would have ended up paying all that money and absolutely no work would've been done on my car... I'll never give them my business or recommend them to anyone else every again...

Brighton, MA
Subaru Outback
Verified Customer
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Costly. Inaffective. Disorganized.
I would not recommend A Z Auto Center. I went there to have a repair done on my suspension, a C.V. joint and to have my car looked at, as I had just purchased it used. Not only did they perform maintenance that was almost exclusively unnecessary, but at then end of the day, the problems I had with my suspension and my c.v. joint were not solved. When I went back again to try and get the original problems solved, they admitted that they had not been able to replicate the issues, leaving me to conclude that the work they had done on my suspension was blindly done and wholly unnecessary. They also would not admit that they had made a mistake. When I showed the itemized receipts to another mechanic, he actually laughed out loud and confirmed that I had been swindled. All told, I spent $1,600 on a problem that costs $700 to fix, and I still have a problem with my C.V. joint. Aside from this, I visited the shop 3 times, and waited for a total of roughly 2 - 2.5 hours in order to speak with a mechanic for a total of roughly 15 minutes.

Brighton, MA
Nissan 350Z
Verified Customer
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Too slow!
Left my car yesterday for brake checking. I made the call late today since nobody contacted me. One guy answered the phone and promised to send me an email about checking result as well as quote soon. I waited until 6pm and made another call. Nobody was in the workshop. Now I have to wait until tomorrow to get the info and decide how to move forward.
You guys were not like this before.

Chevy Chase, MD
Jaguar XJ8
Verified Customer
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They Didn't Fix My Car Problem
I had the car towed into A-Z Auto Center on a Friday night. I informed them that I was from out of state and asked if they could try to fix the car on Saturday prior to my planned departure Sunday morning. By the time they looked at the car -- very late Saturday afternoon -- they informed me they would not be able to get the required part that day. I rented a car in Boston and drove home. They called me a few weeks later to say the car was repaired. I purposely asked them if they had test-driven the car and they assured me they had and that all issues had been resolved. So I flew into Boston and picked up the car. Less than 2 miles from their station the "check engine" light came back on and the car went into "restricted performance", which is what happened prior to the car breaking down and being towed into their station. They did replace the fuel pump, which apparently had gone bad, but they did not solve the "check engine" and "restricted performance" issue. As a result of the repair not being done correctly, I have brought the car to a dealer to have it properly repaired. I am disappointed that A-Z Auto Repair did not properly repair my car.

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