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Scott K.
West Chester, PA
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Terrible service on my Infiniti
I have been a Boss customer for several years and they have done good work up till recently. A few months ago, I had my Acadia in for inspection and it passed, but I was told I had a power steering leak and it would cost $1,600 to fix. I could not find the leak and was skeptical.... I recently had a cruise control module go out on my Infiniti and after being assured they could fix it, I had it towed to them as it would mnot start. They could not fix it or even replace the module and I am stuck without cruise as well as several new people's. I have lost total confidence in Boss's ability to fix my cars and unfortunately will have go back to the dealers....
Chet H. from Boss Automotive responded on 06/25/2019

I'm very sorry you feel this way scott, i was very upfront with you through out the whole process that our attemp to repair the module and save you $2000.00 may or may not work and you chose to have us try ad fix it. 

Joseph C.
Glen Mills, PA
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