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Plymouth, MA
Chevrolet Tahoe
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Wait time was double what I was told when arrived.
Was told it would be 45 minutes for an inspection sticker, and it took 1 hour 30 minutes. My car wasn’t taken in for the inspection until I asked about it, after already waiting for an hour. Never offered a water or anything while waiting. One positive, employees in waiting area were friendly.

Plymouth, MA
Jeep Wrangler
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Trumped up prices
Wanted to charge my daughter 82.00 for I one inch round reflector. Ridiculous, I’ll never go back again. Went there for years but this is wrong.
Dave G. from Cape Auto Repair responded on 03/04/2019

We must adhere to the state of Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles guidelines for Inspections on safety related items. This particular vehicle involves excess labor to access lens replacement in question due to vehicle design. The Registry views a cracked lens as a safety issue and therefore cause for inspection failure. The estimate furnished to the client was accurate. Unfortunately, when people fail inspection, they can tend to leave a low review. We stand by our quote, our work, and have done so for over 67 years.

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West Yarmouth, MA
Toyota Camry
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Pushing unnecessary sale for registration sticker
First time going to this place and it's for sure is my last. Figured I'd stop in for a quick registration sticker and they ended up giving me a rejection because of a "chip" on one of my rims and a "tie rod" that needed replacing. I was quickly skeptical due to the fact that I just so happend to recently have replaced my tie rod so instantly I felt played. Instantly offered me an estimate for the work to be done, of course I declined and went elsewhere. All in all just felt taken advantage of.
Dave G. from Cape Auto Repair responded on 01/21/2019

Cape Auto always strives to give high quality service, We in no way ever sell services not needed. That being said, if you look at the majority of our reviews, you will see we get glowing testimonials, especially for stickers from most customers. We have been in business for over 60 years, that doesn't happen by selling unneeded services. We are bound by the state to do the sticker properly and follow the Mass. Registry's guidelines for failure. Sometimes, when a person's vehicle fails, they can take it out on us.