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Edward M.
Shaftsbury, VT
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Gas tank
Bought a used car about 6 months ago and had a very good experience. I was told the car had to pass inspection first. They discovered the gas tank was coming loose due to rust. The issue was attaching the bracket that holds the gas tank. Since the rust was so bad they couldn’t figure out how to fix it. They had it for two weeks trying to figure out the problem. They finally said they fixed it and I was assured the car was safe.

Last week the gas tank dropped as I was driving. The car was making a bad noise from the back. I thought it was the cv joint so I drove it 10 miles to my mechanic and was told I was lucky to be alive.

I contacted my sales person letting him know I expect stuff to happen with a used car but I thought the gas tank fix was not one I would have to deal with. He told me to contact the service manager. I called him every day for four days straight and no call back. Not sure what to do.
Ken P., Service manager from Carbone Hyundai Of Bennington responded on 02/13/2019

Hi Ed, this survey point is for Hyundai vehicles only that have had recent service at our Hyundai facility. I suggest you call
802-447-3321 and ask for Brad Rose the general sales manger to
get your issue addressed

Ken Pallman
Hyundai Service Manager
802-442-2888 ext 4141