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everett h.
Turtle Lake, ND
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Throwing darts
Brought my Suburban that I just bought used to these gentlemen and they said the 4 wheel Drive motor and computer need to replace and that a slew of sensors needed replaced. To the tune of over $3,000. Figured I'd have to take a loss but just to double-check I took it to okay tires, the four wheel drive transfer case had no fluid and no gears left to shift. the electrical problem was because the fuse box was chewed up by a rat. $1,500 problem solved.

Tim B.
Bismarck, ND
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Double or triple verify the work they can and will be doing
I've had them do work on my car before and was satisfied. This time however I came in for engine work or possible engine replacement and I told them I will have them do the work that's needed (repair or replacement). When they got done diagnosing what needed to be done I asked when can they do the repairs since a rebuilt engine would be $7,900 in total!!! They then explained they don't do the kind of repair work my car needed. I was so angry after I had told them upfront I wanted them to do the repairs and only after they had my money did they disclose this!