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T. S.
Chesterfield, VA
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Bait and Switch
I got an advertisement on the back of my grocery receipt for Hancock’s Automotive. 7501 Ironbridge Road. The advertisement offered- oil change, tire rotation, check all fluid levels, check wipers, check brake pads all for 34.00. I thought perfect I need all that done so I’ll call. I called on Tuesday morning and ask the girl could I come Tuesday afternoon at 3:15-3:30 and she said sure. Gave her the make and model of my vehicle- ask her about the price and the coupon I had she said sure I could use it. Never said another word . I get to Hancock at 3:05 (early)- place is clean and nice, no one waiting- I sign in with the receptionist, give her my keys and my coupon and she tells me it should be about 45 minutes. Not once have I heard anything else about price change or problems. Then maybe fifteen minutes into them changing my oil she says oh by the way “ YOUR TRUCK USES SIX QUARTS OF OIL NOT 5 SO IT’S GOING TO BE $49.41 INSTEAD OF $34.00. Ok, at this point, they are well in the middle of taking the old oil out, so I’m stuck. This is a classic case of BAIT and Switch, so just for your future reference- (A ) that is no way to run a business, your place of business was not convenient to me, I had to drive out of my way atleast 5 miles to have it done (b) price should have been discussed up front BEFORE you took my keys. No worries I won’t be coming back! How in the world can you justify charging a customer $15.41 for one more quart of oil?? Good luck with those business practices! I paid and no I didn’t bring it up while I was there, I had another appointment at 4:15 and needed to go. But you can be assured I won’t be coming back and I will tell all my friends.

John S.
Chesterfield, VA
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