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Richard P.
Spring Hill, FL
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Stay away I was ripped off.
I brought my car in a couple weeks ago to fix the wipers not working. The mechanic, in front of customers in the office blames me for stripping the linkage arms. Never touched them! After they said it was ready the w/o an at the counter said the wipers only work on high speed. I took the car and paid them settling for that.
Took car to another mechanic. They actually diagnosed it and determined it was a bad motor( that Harolds installed) got a new wiper motor installed and the wipers work perfectly. Harold said the switch was bad. False switch good their diagnosis, if they did any was wrong. Once back from visiting family up north, I'll be asking for my money back. Can't wait to hear all the lame excuses. Then litigation time.
DANA H. from Harold's Auto Center responded on 09/28/2020

We apologize that you had a defective part.  Your part was a used part and if you would like to return the part to us, we will gladly refund your money.  We are unable to correct a problem if we are not made aware of it.  Please call the office at your earliest convience to resolve this matter.  Thank you.

Becky L.
Spring Hill, FL
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Rip Off
I went here from a referral of another place and thought that I could get an honest free estimate and and then when I went to pick up my truck I was charged a Fee that was crazy and was NOT told that there would be a fee for the estimate had they had told me there was going to be a fee I would have NEVER went to this place. I will NEVER refer this place to no one in fact when the subject comes up I steer people FAR away FYI keep your distance !