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Alfredo G.
Brick, NJ
Ford F-150
Verified Customer
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They broke a transmission line now have leak
Hello I’m very upset with the shop. I had the car towed for the car not starting fine they found out it was the A/C compressor they called and told me that need to be replaced. Then when they were done with that work or finishing they tell me I have a sever transmission leak which did not have before the took it. Now there telling me they have no idea how it happened and now they want to charge me another 400$ on top of what I spent for the original problem. I spoke to different people in this field and tell me that it’s wrong of them to try say it happens but it was fine before I took to them now I can’t even drive my truck without the fear of messing my transmission up. I don’t think it’s right how there trying to blame me instead of the person that was actually working on my vehicle.. like I said there was no leak before I took it there now the truck is smoking from the leak and now I have to figure out how to correct this issue. Please help 8485254051

Verified Customer
Jackson, NJ
Pontiac Solstice
Verified Customer
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Brought my car to them and was very disappointed by the outcome. Waisted good money and things are still broken..

John F.
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
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As I picked up my car today, the bill included a $300 part that Gill and I agreed just yesterday I could do without. Today he told me that our conversation of yesterday never happened. I stood there in disbelief. Took me a while to realize that I was being swindled. He told me one thing and did another just to raise my bill. This was the first time that I didn’t go to my dealer for repair, and I regret it. Sure dealers are expensive but they don’t openly con you like this. I will NEVER go back to Legacy. And I will make sure any family or friends do not go either ! Fool me once..

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