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Alex A.
Catonsville, MD
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Bad Experience with Mike
Had a very bad experience with Mike from Lockett's Auto Care this afternoon. TLDR: Mike called me today and said, "if you bring this car in again I'm going to charge your fucking ass off" and "if you don't get here by 6 I'm leaving the keys outside on the ground."
In Nov 2020 I brought my car to Lockett's because something was draining the battery and causing it to need a daily jump start. Lockett's repaired, but not for cheap--they insisted on a myriad of other repairs and the final bill was close to $1400. Over the next 3 months the issue persisted and my car battery died unless I started the car every day. I even jumped a friend's car and then needed a jump myself the next day. Finally I had the car towed back to Lockett's for a checkup on the previous repair. Today Mike called and told me that there was no issue with the previous repair. Apparently, the only problem was that I had left one of the sliding doors ajar, causing the battery to drain. Lockett's last repair involved cutting off the electricity to the sliding doors, meaning they no longer budge or can be opened at all, so this seems improbable to me. He said, "I'm not gonna charge you, but if you bring it in again I'm gonna charge your fucking ass off." He then told me that if I didnt arrive by the time the shop closed he was going to "leave the key outside on the ground." When I showed up to confront him, it was clear that he did not think anything serious had occurred. Mike apologized "for the way I took his words" and asked me to "forget he had said anything." Mike needs to know that his sense of humor is not funny, and completely inappropriate for clients who he has no personal relationship with. I will not be bringing my car back.