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John T.
Narvon, PA
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Over filled
Just got my vehicle back from a shop that had to correct mandms negligence, they charged me $95 to overfill my transmission, they had me come down to the shop to show me that it was leaking, it was leaking because they overfilled it, it was coming out the top of the transmission, the vehicle is sitting in my driveway with the transmission full and no leak at all, I definitely got taken for a cheap ride by this shop, be careful

John T.
Narvon, PA
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Bad business
I took my suv in for emissions $34.99, when I dropped it off, I asked them to check the trans fluid, I got a call from the rudest person ever, she advised me the vehicle had all kinds of issues and if I need them to do the repairs, I asked her to elaborate, she stated that it needed a gas cap and driven, well make a long story short, nobody ever called me to get approval for work, charged me $95 and would only accept cash, would not give me a work order that I didn’t sign, hope someone else doesn’t have to deal with this business
Michael & Cathy K. from M & M General Repair, Inc responded on 09/13/2018

Sorry you feel that way.  I tried to explain to you that the emission failed because someone cleared the codes and that it would have to be driven in hopes that the monitors would run.  Also I told you we had to add 3 quarts of transmission fluid because there was none on the dipstick.  At that point you started yelling at me all kinds of accusations that we over filled it and because of your rudeness I said you would have to pay me in cash.  You failed to mention that you wanted transmission checked because it did not shift right well it certainly would not if it was out of fluid. So we started there, My tech was test driving it after he filled it when you sent you wife to pick it up.  When he pulled back in the shop we realized why it was out of fluid because it was running out on the floor.  You also said you just spent alot of money on this transmission. Why did you not take it back to where it was worked on if you were not satisfied or did you burn that bridge too before they to take care of the problem.  I am sorry you feel that way we have alot of wonderful customers but we are not accustomed to customers screaming at us on the phone with out even letting us tell you what is going on.  There are many shops in this area I hope you can find one that works for you!

Jennifer N.
Denver, PA
Dodge Durango
Verified Customer
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08/06/2014 Category: Service
Jennifer said the prices at the business were absolutely ridiculous. Due to the pricing, she would not recommend the business.
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Michael & Cathy K. from M & M General Repair, Inc responded on 08/12/2014

We are very sorry you feel that why! However if cheap quality is what you are looking for, you are correct. We pride ourselves in having the best techs and equipment to keep up with the new technologies of today, and yes that cost alittle bit more. We are well below dealership prices and with in the price range of any reputable prefession automotive repair facility in our area.