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Joshua A.
Salisbury, NC
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Shocking display of negligence
Immediately after walking into the place I knew something felt off......I walked in to introduce myself to the lady out front and explain that I was there to pick up the rest of my brothers belongings that had been left in his wrecked Nissan with his consent and as a favor to him. He currently lives in Asheville and I went to do this for him just to help out.....but after telling the owner that I had to call and make sure it was okay to leave my brothers key with them, he instantly got defensive and aggressive about the situation. He said and I quote, "if you don't leave the key you won't be able to get ANYTHING from the car..." with an extremely smug and attacking way.....I explained that this wasn't too fair because the belongings in the car were not his to claim.....and after that he was just exclaiming "well then you can leave!!!" And leave I did......his anger or frustration that was somehow derived from my brother's situation was all directed towards me and I don't believe he showed much respect or any kind of people skills towards me. He seems like a low life greedy owner who does nothing but builds his anger and spits it to anyone he can find.....so no I won't recommend him or his place and no I won't leave a wonderful 5 star review because in retrospect he treated me 1/5 and thats what his rating will be....