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Curtis C.
Longview, TX
Mercury Grand Marquis
Verified Customer
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Salesman was pushy and not completely honest
Took car in for water pump. The sailsman called me back and insisted I needed other things fixed, and I agreed to fix these things. This was understandable after he explained. The salesman called me and told me my car was finished and that when it was test driven, it died twice. This is not normal for this car, and I was not having this problem ever before I brought it in for "just a water pump". I was grateful to get my car back in a timely manner because it was New Year's Eve. However I was not happy when I got on the loop my car died and engine started racing. I took the car back a couple of days later, and got a new diagnosis from them to the tune of $1,500.00 I couldn't afford this to begin with, and paid them $112.00 just to have a diagnosis, I was assured that money would come off of the total price. I was told the car had multiple vacuum seal leaks that a smoke test was running on it. However, I took my car to another reputable auto mechanic, who simply put a fuel pump and a EGR pressure sensor for on it $186.00. I did not have to pay diagnosis where I went the second time nor did I have to pay the hard labor prices that Spraggins charges. Maybe Mr. Spraggins doesn't know that his mechanics or the man that waited on me was dishonest about this. I just think God for the intuition to take my car somewhere else. I wouldn't go back because I don't trust them.

Robert y.
Longview, TX
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