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Ray S.
Bradenton, FL
GMC Acadia
Verified Customer
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Engine and AC diagnostics
I had scanned the engine code myself and paid additional $98 for them to tell me the information I already new, I need a new transmission. I got a quote. Then in order to make the decision to sell or fix, I asked them to diagnose the AC which was another $110. They told me more bad news and returned the car with zero refrigerant and said it all leaked out. I had filled it up myself a month ago and AC was still partially working when I had them diagnose. Upon picking up the car, the AC valve caps were missing so I had to go back to get them next day. I ended up putting in my own refrigerant and moved on.
Mike & Jeneen T. from Superior Auto Repair responded on 09/20/2017

We appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your vehicle needs. In order for us to properly diagnose a condition and provide an accurate estimate of repairs it is our shop policy for us to scan for all stored and history codes even if customer has already done so. It can be a slippery slope when a vehicle comes in pre-diagnosed.  We have encountered on numerous occasions, where there was more to the reason for the engine code that required further digging.  A vehicle owner may not agreed with our precautions, but especially when dealing with vehicles having 193,000 + miles, anything is possible.  In regards to the AC, we did perform a A/C test which included bringing the refrigerant level to the manufacturer specs along with injecting oil and leaking tracing dye.  We immediately detected a severe leak at the systems evaporator core, which could take days or hours before all refrigerant leaks out.  We will admit we left the AC valve caps off in error.  (We are human!)  But refrigerant does not leak out because the valve caps are missing, the dye trial clearly shows the culprit.  There are times that we have to be the bearer of news that a vehicle owner really does not want to get. All charges were explained prior to diagnosis/work being performed. This situation appears to be one of those times.

Robert W.
Bradenton, FL
Chevrolet Impala
Verified Customer
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AC Blower
I took my car in because the AC blower was non-operational. They charged me $55 labor to tell me that it was not blowing. They also did numerous other inspections that I did not request and then tried to "sell" me on a bunch of repairs totaling over $1,300. All I wanted was my AC blower fixed for which they charged me $72 labor. As far as I am concerned, I was over charged $55 on labor. The personnel were very friendly and courteous but I did not want or appreciate the additional "sales pitch" especially if that is what cost me the additional $55.

Michael G.
Sarasota, FL
Chrysler Sebring
Verified Customer
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Not a good assessment of used vehicle for possible purchase.
I brought the car in for assessment for purchase as a used automobile. I was advised no problems were found other than that rear rotors and brake pads would be needed in the not too distant future. Today when we drove the car, the front end end was rattling and the brakes area making agrinding noise . I expected a reliable recommendation on whether this car was suitable to purchase and now I not sure that the assessment I was given was accurate.
I also felt the price quoted for replacement of rear rotors and pads was too high.