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pam r.
Draper, UT
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Car Mis Diagnoised
I am very frustrated with Viking Automotive.. I took my car in after I had someone else look at it that wasn't a mercedes repair person. The original place I went to thought I had engine problems.. I was referred by someone to Viking.. I ask the viking specifically if they worked on Mercedes, they assured me that they work on all the time.. I brought my car in and explained that this other company wasn't familiar with mercedes but that it could have been the engine.. Viking agreed to look at it. They told me it wasn't the engine that there was an oil leak basically and that it would cost $1500.00 I was so relieved that I agreed to pay the amount they requested. When I drove off with the car I called immediately and said that the car was smoking still. They assured me that was normal and that it would burn off, that it was left over oil.. I said ok but then after a week I called and said it was still smoking and that I was worried.. They again assured me that it was normal but that I could bring it in.. I went out of town but when I came back to the car was smoking really bad. Afraid to drive it at this point I had it towed into Viking where they said.. Oh, I guess it was the engine.. I was so mad.. I said I want my money back. They said I can’t have it back because I would have still needed this repair done. How am I supposed to even believe that.. Also if I would have known it was the engine, I would have sold that car “as is, needs new engine” I certainly wouldn't have thrown 1500.00 away.. It's like painting your toenails even though you need your foot cut off.. I guess if the foot grew back it would be great to have painted toe nails.. It is ridiculous that companies can mis diagnose a problem and still expect to get paid.. If a surgeon took out your appendix when it was your gall bladder it would be a malpractice suit! I am just looking to get my money back from this fraudulent company.

Steve C.
Honda Civic Sdn
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Ben R.
Park City, UT
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Overcharged & Poor quality Work
I would NOT recommend this place to anyone!! I came in because I had a squeaky brake on the front driver side and After picking it up and driving it home it had the same exact noise is had when I drove it in. The manager had me come back and we drove down the street with me so he could hear the noise and he new exactly what the problem was and fixed it. ( it was a quick fix) a simple adjustment is all It needed. But what sucked for me it sat in there for days getting work done that didn’t address the issue I brought it in for origanly and actually replaced a part on the wrong side of my vehicle that had recently been replaced. They also way over torqued my lug nuts way past spec. ( I had to go buy a breaker bar just to get the lug nuts off)

They tried to explain why they repaired the wrong side ( such BS)!! Bottom line is they screwed up and I paid. My bill should have been half what they charged me for and that’s being generous.

When you fork out almost $800- 1000 dollars for repairs and you pick up your car and drive it home and it has the same exact problem it’s infuriating. I should have written this earlier!

Lesson learned but an expensive one.

Drew D.
Salt Lake City, UT
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My wife made an appointment for an oil change here. She took our Subaru Impreza down there and it took them 1 1/2 to change the oil and rotate the tires. If it was me I wouldn't have cared but my wife is 9 months pregnant. Then when it came time to settle up they charged her $68! I could go to a hundred places in SLC and get two oil changes for that price. You can't tell me that there service on an oil change is that much better than the next place...

M C.
Draper, UT
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