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Jennifer R.
Portland, OR
Volkswagen Jetta
Verified Customer
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Double charged... and too much for service/time completed
This review is based on my last couple of experiences there. Prior to that I've been fairly happy with my service there....
Something was wrong with my car last Fall and after a couple failed attempts, it was determined what was wrong. I dropped off the car as I was leaving town & mentioned my turn signal was only working sporadically. They identified right then what was likely the culprit and I didn't think much of it again after that. The next day I got a call with an estimate of costs for repair and it was much more than I anticipated, so I told them not to bother with the turn signal at that point. However, when I picked up the car I had been charged almost $60 for 'labor' on the signal. When I called to ask about it they said they had to check and see if that was the issue. But they failed to mention on the phone when I was initially authorizing the charges for repairs that I was going to be charged that, and that the part itself was only another $23 added to the total bill- that was frustrating... So when I finally brought the car back for the signal repair, I was charged another $60 + the cost of the part ($23) and they literally had the car 10 minutes before it was done. So essentially I was charged over $140 for a total of 20 minutes worth of work (including the $23 part) to get my turn signal fixed. Lame.
I have a car that requires a specialty shop to service, so in that regard, I am happy with their work and would likely recommend to someone who had a similar car- but I think this was handled poorly.
Alan B. from A And P Specialties responded on 04/18/2017

Good day Jennifer I would like to apoligize for the misunderstanding I didnt realise that you had previously paid for the checking of the turn signals. Could you contact me please  so I can credit your credit card 75.00. I hope that will help make things right. I have always appreciated your business and am really thankful that you brought this to my attention. I hope we can continue our business relationship, Thanks very much Alan.

Alan Blanchard
503 2547310