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Jack F.
Annapolis, MD
Saturn VUE
Verified Customer
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08/18/2017 Category: Service
Jack said the staff replaced a power steering pump 11 months ago. He took his vehicle back to this business for a second time due to the pump failing. The technicians told him that it was not the pump. Instead they said it was a part that cost $1300. He then took his vehicle to another business which told him it is definitely the power steering pump. They tried to rip him off at this business.
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Ed F. from A. Arundel Auto Service Center responded on 09/12/2017

Thank You Jack for your Review! I'm sorry that you were not happy with our diagnosis. The last time you came in (10/12/16) We told you to keep an eye on your power steering fluid, that you still had a leak. Your Power Steering Pump was Bad - It was burned up because of no power steering fluid in the system. That is why we couldn't warranty the pump for you. It was not defective. A new pump is only a temporary fix because them main issue is a Leak at the Power Steering Rack & Pinion. The $1300 repair that you mention was just a part, it was Parts, Labor, Alignment, Shop Supplies and Tax. That is the cost of neglect. If you still don't address the leak, you may well burn up another Power Steering Pump. You could have stopped by anytime and we would have checked your power steering fluid for you. Regular visits help ward off major problems later. Thank you for your Business!

Lisa M.
Annapolis, MD
Buick LaCrosse
Verified Customer
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I don't recommend them
I went to Arundal Auto from a friends referral. I have a car that sat for a long time so I asked them to check all the tires. They replaced the 2 front tires (with racing tires) I didn't need them. The back 2 tires were over 8 years old and dry rotted. They said I didn't need to replace them. The day after I brought my car home I started getting alerts on my dashboard about my tires. I took the car somewhere else where they discovered the 8 year old dry rotted tires and replaced them. They then asked why I have racing tires??
Ed F. from A. Arundel Auto Service Center responded on 09/20/2016

Lisa, We are Sorry to hear that you didn't think to return to us when you developed a problem with your tires the next day. We stand behind and Warranty all our Repairs for 12 months/12,000 miles. In response to another shop telling you we put Racing Tires on your Buick Lacrosse, those tires had a ZR Rating required by the manufacturer. A ZR rating is a High Performance Tire not a Racing Tire. We don't sell Customers anything they don't need. We felt you had plenty of life left in your 8 yr old tires. A little dry rot on Tires that have been sitting doesn't necessarily require replacing. Sorry you didn't trust us. Ed did phone you in response to your review. Thank you for your business!

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