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william d.
Annapolis, MD
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Not told about additional charge.
I dropped my 2005 Toyota highlander off to have a power steering pressure line replaced. They looked at it the day before and gave me an estimate that was fair and accurate so I arrange to drop it off. When I dropped it off I discuss the tire rotation and told him I wanted to five tire rotation because the car had new tires and a new spare underneath of it and could they take a look at the brakes while the tires were offBecause I felt it may soon be due for brakes. The charge to rotate the tires was $36. Well I have free tire rotations at fire stone because I have fire stone Bridgestone tires on it for $36 it wasn’t worth taking at the fire stone knowing that I would never let them service my vehicle beyond tire installation I told them to go ahead and rotate the tires. I got a call from Ed the following morning he told me the power steering line repair was all done and that I really wanna rotate the tires because they look brand new. I told them they had almost 20,000 miles on them already and I still wanted the spare rotated out onto the car. When I went to pick the vehicle up the bill was $40 or so more than I expected it to be based on the quote I got the day before and I asked why so much. I was told because they rotated the spare out from underneath of the vehicle. I questioned that they knew I wanted that done to begin with and still quoted me $36 for the rotation. If you would’ve told me you were going to charge me $72 I would’ve told you to not rotate the tires because for $36 it’s not worth sitting at fire stone for an hour but for $72 And go get an ice cream and get a free tire rotation. They almost had a new customer for all of my vehicle repair needs but after this I’m not so sure that I will return. I am a retired 25+ your master technician and former repair shop owner. I am very sketchy about who I let touch my cars when I can’t fix them myself. I had high hopes for the shop especially because they’re very close to my home but now I think I’m Going to have to search for another shop. I wouldn’t say don’t go there for service because I do think they’re very competent. But nothing frustrates a shopper or a service purchaser then a bill bigger than expected at the end of the day.
Ed F. from A. Arundel Auto Service Center responded on 09/16/2020

Mr. Dermota, Sorry I was not there to discuss your bill when you picked up your vehicle yesterday. Our normal 4 tire rotation is $36. More time is involved to retrieve the spare out from under the car, rotate it and put another tire back under the car as a spare. This was the reason for the additional cost and a miss communication on our part. We would like you to return as a customer, so I will be sending you a check for $53.16 which is 10% refund of your ticket from yesterday. If I had been there yesterday I would have offered it to you at that time. If you choose not to return, please remember we stand behind the work we did yesterday for 12 months/12,000 miles. We Appreciate your Business!

Al K.
Annapolis, MD
Honda Civic
Verified Customer
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05/12/2016 Category: Service
Al said he is having the same problem. He will be taking the vehicle back to the business tomorrow. His vehicle would stall and not operate. He would have to have his vehicle jumped every time this would happen. He said he feels he was overcharged for the service by $200. He showed his receipt to others and was informed he was overcharged. In the past he liked their integrity, honesty and they would be up front with him. The part he needed cost $50 at a retail store but he was charged $200 for the same part. They also charged him for a diagnostic fee where other places waive that fee if the service is performed.
Ed F. from A. Arundel Auto Service Center responded on 05/17/2016

Al, We were sorry to hear that you were still having problems with your car. The good news was, that it was just a Battery problem and not anything that had to do with our previous work. We are also sorry to hear that you think we over charged for a part. We only use Quality parts on our repairs to insure that we can guarantee our work for 12 months/12,000 miles. If you have any further problems, Please stop by and let us check it out for you. We Appreciate Your Business!

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