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Chevrolet Traverse
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AC repairs
Took my car to Barney’s because a few years ago a Farmers Adjuster had recommended them. So when my AC quite working, I thought I’d take it there. Disappointed because I had them work on it, replaced a hose of some sort and added Freon. Cost $560 (mostly labor). Just a few days later, had a hissing noise and steam come from under the hood. Someone that looked at it said it was my AC. So I drove it home (was only 91*) without the AC & parked it. This week I called , told them what happened, took the car back & it was the print. So, it had to be re-charged. Another $95 for repairs. Don’t think I should have had to pay for the Freon or labor. Think they should have absorbed that. They didn’t catch it the first time. Hopefully this lasts longer than a few days!

Boston M.
Amarillo, TX
Ford F-150
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Carolyn B.
Amarillo, TX
Chevrolet Suburban
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Karen S.
Pampa, TX
GMC Pickup
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Bradley D.
Amarillo, TX
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