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smart fortwo
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$200 for an Oil change 2 days later
I paid $200 to get an oil change and a diagnostic check to see what was wrong with my car. Dropped it off Monday and didn’t get it back until Wednesday. Those are the facts.
The problem was I needed new tires but they didn’t have the tires despite it being two days later. They wouldn’t negotiate price so I took the car back and the mechanic fought me on it. Very unprofessional.
Maryam S., Service Advisor from Fairfax Service Center responded on 02/18/2020

Mr. Ahmed wrote the review via text. I called him to find out more about his review. This was his seconed time at our shop ,he was previously here for an oil change so he knew how much that would cost. We do have a fee for diagnosis and that is always communicated upfront with the customer so there are no surprises at pick up.
Becasue of safety issues the inspector did emphasise how important it was for him to replace tires and that we had no room for any discount,at first he approved the job but then called later on and cancelled.(there are several other issues that tneede diagnosis and were diagnosed and customer was made aware of them) He dropped off the car on teh 21st and picked up on the 22ed. Every single service we provide here is done with the utmost importance and professionalism. We understand that having vehicle issues can stir up emotions due to financial burden they might bring.

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