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Monty V. on 02/25/2017
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Monty said he will never take his vehicle back to the business. He mentioned he spoke with the technician, and several obvious things he said about vehicles were completely ludicrous. His eighteen year old son knows more about vehicles than the technician at the facility.
Vehicle: Ford Mustang
Category: Service
Service Date: 02/21/2017
Review Created: 02/25/2017
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Carlos P., owner at Full Circle Auto Service responded on 02/28/2017

Good Morning Monty,
Thank you for your review.  We enjoy seeing Special Builds and Car Restoration enthusiasts. However, the exhaust kit previously installed during your V6 to V8 conversion is not the correct fit. We are sorry you did not agree with our FREE inspection comments and recommendations.  All our technicians are seasoned ASE Certified Master Specialists with over 30 years of experience each.  Good luck and warm regards with your automoive repair endeavors.  

Carlos Perez

618-624-2272/cell 618-310-5793
Dwayne C. on 04/15/2016
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I took my 2005 Nissan Titan to these guys because of oil burning and smoke coming out of my tail pipe. After doing a BG Performance Oil Change and a few more chemicals added my truck was smoking more than it was than when I took it in there. I called them back and Mike went into replacing the engine and with an arrogant attitude. I also noticed oil wasted all over my engine. The very next day I talked to Carlos and he offered to redue the service that wasn't done propoperly in the first place. I called BG and they informed me that the service I had done was not done properly. I wouldn't go back to this shop for anything. The only thing they can do is refund my money and I would go some where else that would do the job the right way the first time.
Service Date: 04/13/2016
Review Created: 04/15/2016 04:11 PM
Carlos P., owner at Full Circle Auto Service responded on 04/21/2016

Dwayne C,


I am sorry you did not to accept my offer to redo the oil change service with the engine additive. I made this offer in spite of your making physical threats to my employee. Simply stated it appears that because you work at a national parts store, you are of the opinion you have all the knowledge to repair your vehicle. Having said that, here are some facts that are important:
• You asked us to perform that service. You were informed through YOUR online forum that this process is used to “fix my problem” on these vehicles.
• You approved the service knowing that it has some limitations.
• You brought your 2005 Nissan Titan LE with a 5.6l engine, with 184753 miles on the odometer.
• Your main complaint was “oil burning and smoke coming out of exhaust tail pipe. “
• You indicated that you get on forum websites and had read that a product called EPR could solve your problem. I am sure the forum vehicle owners did not modify or remove the catalytic converters, oxygen sensors and vital emission devices. Your emission system are all inoperable and you failed to mention the aftermarket headers.
• We inspected the vehicle and our technician noted the following problems:
o The catalytic converters on the left and right were illegally removed and replaced with a straight pipe. In doing so, the oxygen sensors are inoperable. This is a direct violation of United States Environmental Protection Agency relating to tampering and modifying emission related components.
o We found a canister installed on the side of the engine which was rigged apparently to catch the oil shooting from the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) System. Your parts store should have information and function of the PCV operation.
o Your check engine light was on.
o The engine was saturated with oil. Probably due to YOU recently changing your own valve cover gaskets which you mentioned you did. The engine was also low on oil.
o Your check engine light was on.
o Your vehicle has excessive blow-by! And this is understandable and probably the reason why you installed an aftermarket canister to monitor how much oil you are consuming.
o We reviewed industry historical problems with these vehicles. There were 15 similar cases and the confirmed fix. These are the actions taken by other shops to correct those issues.
o 7 – replaced/rebuilt engine, 2- cleaned engine oil sludge, 3 – replaced PCV and valve covers, 3- performed valve jobs, replaced rings and replaced PCV.
o These forum suggestioned repairs more than likely did not have their catalytic converters and oxygen sensor removed.
Your complaint states that you had called BG and were told “the service was not done properly.” That concerns me, because we followed the instructions on the EPR can for the service you had requested. I called BG to inquire if we had done anything different from the instructions on the can.
Our conversation with BG shows there is conflicting information on what you were told versus what you posted in your complaint. We were informed by BG that you did not disclose all the problems and issues associated with your vehicle such as no catalytic converter, no oxygen sensor, blow by coming out of your PCV, your contraption to recover blow by oil etc. We don’t understand how you figured we did the service incorrectly when we never told you how we performed the service. Secondly, this service is intended to maintain your engine, not repair it. You were informed of the possible end results and once again that the product is meant as a maintenance action and will not repair damaged internal mechanical components. You stated you thought it was worth the try!

Carlos Perez
Michael B. on 02/23/2016
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"Worst Auto Experience Ever"
I took my auto to them beginning in late December 2015 for an oil leak. It was determined by Full Circle (FC) it was the oil pan gasket as well as the valve cover gasket. They charged me $654.40. I took the car home and within a few days noticed the auto was still leaking oil. I took it back to FC and they stated that all the repairs they did were done correctly and it was probably only some oil that had collected in a crevice and had leaked down. I said OK, but within another few days noticed oil was still leaking on my driveway. I took it back and they again insisted that the work they did was checked and found to be satisfactory but it may be leaking elsewhere. They said I should take it home and monitor the situation. I grew suspicious and took it elsewhere to have it checked out. It was found that the oil pan gasket was leaking which was a repair that FC had completed. I took it back and vigorously insisted they fix it properly. The owner (Carlos) said he would give me a complete refund but insisted it was not due to their work but rather to my poor attitude. He went on to tell me that they had bent over backwards to accommodate me by giving me rides home? His son even stated that they had given me a good deal/price on the repairs to which I noted that the car was NOT REPAIRED! I wouldn't trust these knuckleheads to repair a pair of roller skates. BEWARE!!
Service Date: 02/23/2016
Review Created: 02/23/2016 01:20 PM
Carlos P., owner at Full Circle Auto Service responded on 02/24/2016

Michael B, O"Fallon, Illinois
I am sorry we were unable to meet your expectations. We strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction with our work. When we are unable to come to a complete resolution, as in your case, I promptly offered a complete refund for the unsatisfactory service. You accepted a refund check but have opted to disparage me and our services.
Your complaint states that you were charged $654.40 for the oil pan gasket and valve cover gaskets. That is misleading because you make it appear an excessive high cost for only two items. There were additional parts (variable valve filter, variable valve screen and filter, variable valve timing oil control solenoid, valve cover tube seals, pcv valve, upper gasket set and an oil change) that were replaced during the service. Although your last visit centered around your oil pan gasket leaking, you were given a complete refund for all your expenses totaling $654.40.
Our initial inspection of your 2002 Honda CRV with over 160,000 miles showed the vehicle was oil saturated from the engine going all the way to the transmission housing and exhaust system. The engine cradle which has numerous nooks and crannies, was soaked in oil. It is not uncommon for oil leaks to persist after a repair. Unfortunately, in these situations, it requires additional time and inputs from the customer. Requests to keep the vehicle overnight to monitor your oil leak complaints was never possible because you could not be without the vehicle. Requests to provide any information on whether the leaks were coming from the driver’s side, passenger side, or the front of the engine were met with “there is oil on my driveway.” You have an extremely high pitched driveway which doesn’t help matters in locating the leaks.
As far as your comments that I said you have a poor attitude, it is not part of my personal character nor a business trait to make such harsh comments about you or anyone. Having said that, I wish you luck in the future and regret not being able to solve your problem.

Carlos Perez
618-624-2272/cell 618-310-5793
CANDI C. on 06/26/2015
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"Will no be returning."
I was given a quote which included three items. Two small incidental things. One was forgotten and I had to come back an hour later to have completed. I had already paid the full amount for the repairs and was shocked when I was handed yet another bill for 60 dollars for putting in two bolts? Even if it did turn out to be a bit more work than expected I had already paid for it and considering it wasted 2.5 hours of my time I would have thought they would have done it for the original price quoted. I paid the money but I will make sure to never recommend them to anyone.
Vehicle: Mazda Protege
Service Date: 06/25/2015
Review Created: 06/26/2015 06:52 AM
Carlos P., owner at Full Circle Auto Service responded on 06/29/2015

Hi Candi,

I have tried to call your cell phone on three three different times/dates with no success.  I   left messages requesting a call back so I could resolve your complaint. 

Your complaint states that you had paid the full amouint for the repairs, unfortunately, the repairs you had paid was strictly to replace the windshield washer reservoir only. 

The one error I can see that was done was that we had failed to install your license plate bracket.  As you are well aware, your front bumper did not have the the license plate brackets.  I am sorry you had to return so the license plate bracket could be install.  

I need your help to resolve your customer service complaint.  Please call me at 624-2272

carlos perez
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