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Cherry D.
Los Angeles, CA
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Credit Repair
Hey, join me appreciate this genius hacker (XAP CREDIT SOLUTION), I Just pulled my credit report on Credit Karma, Equifax and Experian and confirmed that my credit score is now 810. I had a few collections, credit card debts, was late on my car payments and few other hard inquiries; after I employed the services of XAP, he raised my score and eliminated all of these unwanted items, he further added some tradelines to my report. How would I have achieved this without XAP? Guys you just have to contact X A P C R E D I T S O L U T I O N @G M A I L . C O M or 972-597-9704 for your credit fix and thank me later.

thomas w.
Ochlocknee, GA
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Bad Tried to take me to cleaners
Not one to write ill of someone but they tried to take me to the cleaners. I guess it was because my car came in on a tow truck little did they know I have Triple A gold and cost me nothing to get it towed to another shop. They wanted $515 for fuel pump and filter. I got work down for $300.00 1 mile away at another shop . That included lifetime warranty on the fuel pump which they only offered 1 year. Beware choose wisely
David G. from Japanese Auto Specialist responded on 05/03/2019

Thomas there is   always,   always,   always   cheaper down the road and always for good reason. Thomas I personally advised you cheap was just down the road when you were standing in my lobby. It appears I was right. Thomas my reputation is built on the Quality of the parts I install and on that I Do Not Compromise! Quality parts (Japanese) are not cheap. If I would not install Chinese parts on my own car I will not put them on your car. Your safety is important to me. Being broke down on the side of the interstate is unsafe just go to You Tube. Your Original Mazda (Japanese) Fuel Pump Lasted 150,000 Miles. So will the Japanese Fuel Pump I install. You bought a Japanese Automobile for their reputation of quality and for good reason. When you broke down you searched for Reputable shops on line. My reputation brought you to us for the first time. Thomas the truth is an idiot can install you fuel pump and filter. Only an Idiot installs Chinese parts on a Japanese car and gives a lifetime warranty on a substandard Chinese Parts. They will be changing it again often for a lifetime. Then you will have to find someone else once they have gone out of business for creating a bad reputation. 45 years Japanese auto technician it is almost comical to me how many shops installing Chinese parts have failed. I drive around during the Christmas season to see just how many have failed the next year. It is my Christmas gift to myself. Thank you some negative feedback is needed my positive post are almost hard to believe.