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Parrish, FL
Nissan Quest
Verified Customer
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2008 Nissan window fix
After more research on the Nissan OEM parts, I paid $155 more than the MSRP. If I went to a Nissan dealer I don't think I would have paid more than the MSRP. The shop supplies of $25 was not addressed by Lex's. Although I know some shops charge a % for supplies, I feel $25 was high. I feel a shop supply charge is the cost of doing business and just another way of gouging the customer.

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window motor & regulator replaced on 2008 Nissan Quest
The other day my total bill for this job was $878 which included an oil change. I was charged $445 for the motor and $199 for regulator. When I later searched the web on various auto parts suppliers the motor (new) was $90-115 and the regulator (new) was approx. $70. I was also charged $25 for shop supplies. Obviously I was extremely disappointed, as Lex's was recommended by a friend. I guess I should have done my research before the estimate but when I was told it would cost $80 to put the door panel back on, I decided to go ahead. I ask you, do you think I was treated fairly?
Tanya L. from Lex's Automotive responded on 02/25/2016

Terry, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for us. Each and every one helps us to become a better company. Based on the information you have I can certainly understand why you feel the way you do. You're absolutely right, there are cheaper part options out there. As we both know that cheaper doesn't always mean better. While these parts are cheaper, there's a reason for that and the end result is a repair that doesn't last. (the parts you googled were incorrect & didn’t have internal sensors or dual track) The decision we made when we started our business is to provide the very best value we can which means sometimes the repair has an initial higher price but a lower overall cost. And with this part quality, we can provide a 24 Month/24,000 Mile No Hassle Parts & Labor Warranty which is the best in the area. The one thing we did take from your review is to be clearer on any possible diagnostic charges before any work is started.
Thank you, Tanya Lex

Tanya, thank you for your response. I checked the other day on a Nissan OEM parts site and the motor was approx $340 MSRP and the regulator $150. If that is what you paid for the parts then I agree that your markup is reasonable. I don't think there was any misinformation that Neil gave me. I just hadn't mentioned the oil change. Again, thank you for your detailed response and addressing my initial issues. Terry C.

Bradenton, FL
Honda Accord
Verified Customer
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re visited bad review , 100% accountability
I am happy to report that this company read my review and offered me 100% back on the engine block fee that was misdiagnoised. I very much appreciated their follow up and integrity to correct a big mistake.

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you gave me incorrect advice
My car was given a block test and failed. I was told it would be $4,000 or better yet get a new car. However you can't test a block with a bad radiator my radiator needed to be replaced which I learned later. Guess what my car was fine. Went to third mechanic -Honda car expert. Was told a few critical things..like timing belt..to replace and car good for 5 years- no problem. LEX's folks are pleasant, but the car evaluation was totally inaccurate and emotionally devasting until the facts were made clear elsewhere. I will not return to Lex!
Tanya L. from Lex's Automotive responded on 01/08/2016

Cheryl came in today and we discussed her vehicle, we refunded her diagnosis charge and ended with a hand shake and a smile. Thank you for your follow up.

Tanya Lex