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Verified Customer
Parrish, FL
Lincoln Town Car
Verified Customer
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I've had decent interactions w/ Lex's in the past (that's why a 2-Star) - NOT this last time. Brought car in - felt like it had a slight skip... and the AC wasn't pushing as much cold air as I thought it should.

They did their big diagnostic... topped off AC and said the skip was because the transmission had too much fluid and it was the "wrong color". So... they topped off AC - said I should replace compressor at some point ($450-500 estimate), drained/refilled Transmission twice and handed me a bill for $450.

Next day - it car was skipping worse than when I dropped it off. They took it in - called me back and said I needed a new transmission (only $3,500)... I asked if there was going to be any refund/adjustment for the $450.... They said no - all work they charged for was done. No mention of discounting new transmission or AC compressor if I did the work.

I did declined. Took car to another repair shop - they confirmed transmission problem (rebuilt for $2,300)... didn't see problem w/ AC... and ran another diagnostic (didn't charge as a separate line item).

Disappointed - I understand things happen... but for me... I can't trust Lex's for honest/fair work going forward.
Tanya L. from Lex's Automotive responded on 10/31/2018

We are very sorry to hear that you were dissatisfied with your last visit. You are important to us and work very hard to earn your continued trust.
We recommended performing the transmission fluid service first to see if it would improve the 3/4 gear shudder based on the poor condition of the fluid before incurring the cost of the transmission replacement. It was explained to you that we could not guarantee an improvement.  When the service didn't make a difference, we provided an estimate for replacing the transmission with a remanufactured transmission which provides a 36month /100,000 mile warranty while most local rebuilt units only offer a 12 month/ 12,000mi. warranty.  It is understood that the vehicle is still driveable and the transmission does not need to be replaced immediately. 
I'd love an opportunity to talk to you about this to see if we can help you with this if you have not had the unit rebuilt already.  
Sincerely, Tanya Lex (941)723-0806 x3

Zach P.
Parrish, FL
Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Verified Customer
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07/19/2018 Category: Service
Zach said he didn't like the job they did on his alignment,.
Tanya L. from Lex's Automotive responded on 07/20/2018

Your Silverado alignment was definitely a chore to correct with the 7" suspension lift & offset wheels you just installed. We apologize that we had to make corrections to re center the steering wheel but thought you understood why the truck still has a drift/pull. The offset on the wheels cause the vehicle to drift and that we did make compensations to the alignment in order to help minimize it.  The best way is to have the original wheels on the truck after the lift was installed and you could see that the vehicle drove straight before installing the offset wheels that will cause a drift. Although with any suspension lift you will also change the driving and turning conditions of the vehicle too. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Tanya Lex   (941)723-0806

Morris S.
Palmetto, FL
Nissan Rogue
Verified Customer
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07/30/2017 Category: Service
Morris said the service this business provided him with was fine but their price was outrageous. He has never been charged $85 for an oil change. He will not be back and would not recommend them.
Tanya L. from Lex's Automotive responded on 08/07/2017

We apologize your visit did not meet your expectations.   We strive to please our customers and make them aware of every step during repairs along with estimates.  Your visit was a simple service and we did advised you of pricing for services before we began working on your vehicle. Unfortunately synthetic oil can be pricey along with some newer vehicles that have oil filters that are less accessible. We do have vouchers for a $15.00 rebate on the Kendall oil or online at BackatChaRebate.com if you didn't recieve one.  Once again, we apologize that the price did not meet your expectations and hope to earn your business again in the near future.  
Tanya Lex


Palmetto, FL
Saturn Aura
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5
Missed Transmission problem and high priced oil change.
Brought car in a couple weeks prior for other services. Strange engine noise was not addressed when a significant amount of work was done on vehicle at that time. I was called by shop and asked to bring it back so they could check it out.
Brought it back in with an additional request for an oil change, which seemed expensive compared to dealers shops. Informed there is now a transmission problem which was not earlier identified and with the same noise that was exhibited at earlier service call.
Estimated repairs are High costs. This condition was evident when I had car in previously and it would have been nice to have had it addressed earlier.
I'm not sure I could recommend or not at this time, so have to click No for recommend.
Tanya L. from Lex's Automotive responded on 03/10/2016

Mike, thank you for taking the time to leave a review of your experience with us. I’m sorry to hear you’re disappointed and want to review the order of events to make sure we’re on the same page. You initially brought your vehicle in on January 6th with only a rough running complaint. We diagnosed your concern and determined your vehicle was in desperate need of spark plugs, ignition wires, and an air induction service to clean carbon build-up in the engine.

In an effort to provide superior service, we visually inspected your vehicle for any other issues you should be aware of. We found your fluids overdue for service, a coolant leak as the system was low and a bubble in the sidewall on the right front tire due to something impacting the tire (pothole or curb most likely). Based on the age and mileage of the vehicle, and the issues this transaxle has, we recommended not servicing the transaxle because we felt it could cause more harm than good.We did recommend servicing the other 2 fluids and did not note any evident noises. Spotting the two issues we did address saved you from overheating your engine and having a tire blow out while driving. We replaced the coolant elbow and replaced two tires as per our estimate. When we finished with the work, we road tested the vehicle and it ran great!

I thought everything was going great until I got a notification of your review on January 23rd which is the first time I heard anything about a belt noise. I called you and we spoke that you were going to bring it back the following week. On February 24th the vehicle was brought in and we looked into the noise, we found it coming from inside the transaxle which would require rebuilding or replacing the unit which you declined further work at this time. While we hated giving you the bad news, we are always honest and want to help you with any options that are available. If you’re going to keep the vehicle, you’ll need a transaxle. If you’re thinking of replacing the vehicle, now is a great time.

Tanya Lex