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Review for Lloyd's Glass
Matthew R. on 08/06/2014
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I arrived early for my appointment and my car was taken in immediately. I noticed on my bill that my insurance company was charged for 3.1 hours of labor. I was in the shop for just over an hour for the entire process. I know these are standard hours charged but maybe you need to re-assess the hours you charge for labor.
Category: Glass
Review Created: 08/06/2014
Barry L. at Lloyd's Glass responded on 08/22/2014

Thanks for your comment Mr Roth. Just so you (and others) know. We are NOT permitted to charge anything other than exactly what the insurance company tells us. That means the rate and the hours. No exceptions. It is completely out of our control. You might note that the rate we are paid x the hours combine to a reasonable charge for the work we do. Any variation results in a rejected invoice from the carrier.