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david r.
Jeffersonville, VT
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Joey P.
Cambridge, VT
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Not happy. Do not bring your vehicle here
Brought my car in to a local shop not sure what was wrong with it check engine light was on this was on Friday, I had my SO go and pay the bill once it was “fixed” and here is the problem we had to leave the car there over night due to work schedules and when I picked it up the next morning it was making all the same noises and shaking only 10x worse then before, a $400 dollar bill to have the car not fixed. I’m half convinced they didn’t even look at my car, again no one should ever bring their vehicle to this shop.

Ben S.
Ellenburg Depot, NY
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
My girl friend brought her truck there for a oil change, have snow tires put on, and asked to have the the front end looked at because her tire was rubbing. I was currently out of state and I am a senior master technician. I reviewed the invoice after she had went there because it seemed a bit high. I found they were double dipping and doubling on part prices. Charging twice for shop supplies. The front end issue was a bad ball joint which would have been found during a normal oil change service and no reason to charge a diag fee. After review of the invoice I found that there was almost $50 extra dollars charged for no reason from a $193 invoice. I have looked at their reviews they do good work great but we’re pricey. Well folks they are over charging and double dipping that is why they are pricey.