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Tim G.
Auburn, WA
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Verified Customer
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Never again
There seems to be a few issues that say they were discussed that were never discussed so for there you’ll never see my wife’s Jeep in your shop again forever amen
John F. from Skyline Automotive Repair responded on 03/19/2018

Mr. Griffin came in with his wifes 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee they just purchased recently and it already had a 6 inch lift on it. After installing Mr. Griffin custom front drive line the tech test drove the vehicle for any problems. On that test drive, which was the first for the tech and Skyline Automotive, the tech could not maintain 20 mph down any road due to how badly the vehicle wandered, shook and bounced. Tech returned to shop to do free diagnosis on the vehicle. Found that the gearbox was shifting internally causing problems. Mr. Griffin brought his vehicle in for the gear box repair. Once vehicle was here tech noted that now the sway bar link ear on the front axle housing was broken causing more suspension and handling problems. Once the repair was done the vehicle was able to drive down streets 40 mph and under using one hand on the wheel now. UNLESS you hit a pot hole or any other rough terrain the Jeep would go into what is known as a death wobble. Both Mr. Griffin and his wife were given notes on how more repairs would be needed to fix this issue. Mrs. Griffin was the one who picked up the vehicle and was told by the owner several times that there was more work to be done to correct the issues they have and that all of it was written out on the invoice that was handed to her. Mrs. Griffin called in yelling later that day saying she took the Jeep on the freeway and still felt unsafe. The owner then asked her have you read over any of the notes on your paper work, Mrs Griffin replied "No I haven't I was late to work". We at Skyline Automotive Repair try to do our best in every situation to help customer with any and all problems including keeping an open communication line.