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Lenny W.
Auburn, WA
Dodge Pickup
Verified Customer
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Sent this via email, so this is a repeat. Just thought I would give you guys some feedback from my most recent visit. Not to create any problems or get anyone in trouble, just to let you know.

First, I appreciate your taking me in on Monday, March 4th. I made an appointment online (or thought I had) but there wasn’t any record of it. So when I dropped off my truck on Monday, I guess it was a surprise. I may have used the tool you provided incorrectly.

Second, Carol (sorry if I have her name wrong) asked me if I was there for any of the sub-estimates, and I said no, until she mentioned changing the transmission filter. Then I said “yes” to that and the fluid change. That wasn’t noted on the service order, and the service wasn’t performed.

Third, there was no reference on the invoice or service record of what I was bringing the truck in for in the first place. That was a leak from the driver’s side axle at the front U-Joint. It would be helpful to have a record of that - for both of us - in the service record.

Fourth, I picked up the truck after hours. The key was under the mat as I requested, but my truck wasn’t locked. I know that you guys aren’t responsible for contents inside vehicles, but I still had more than One thousand dollars of tools in the truck. Just an FYI to check next time. I admit to similar oversights as a General Contractor, so no biggie, but something to look at for future customers.

I hope you receive this in the spirit given!


Verified Customer
Auburn, WA
Subaru Outback (Natl)
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
good work. Sometimes not the best customer service
like the work done. However, sometimes get condescending attitude from owner.

Patrick M.
Auburn, WA
Pontiac Grand Am
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
08/30/2017 Category: Service
Patrick said he had some questions that were not answered thoroughly. The service was alright.
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John F. from Skyline Automotive Repair responded on 09/01/2017

Patrick and his father came in originally asking about the Washington State Emissions failure procedure due to them just failing. After their numerous question were answered they set up an appointment for the next working day. After Patrick's father dropped the vehicle off, the vehicle was diagnose with estimates for all codes on emissions paper. Patrick's father was the one we were told to contact for approval on repairs. He expressed they weren't able to afford any repairs at this time, but would like to add an oil change to the vehicles bill, and that they would need to get through on the waiver process if possible. When Patrick and his father came in to get the vehicle, they were given 4 estimates to repair the vehicle when they could. Patrick's father became upset that no repairs were made other than the oil change and that they still had to pay $150 to get through the waiver process. All of this was explained to him a third time before they had left the shop. In no way, shape or form do we here at Skyline feel like they weren't given answers to their concerns. We always try to go above and beyond with all customers.