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Crystle L.
Dallas, GA
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Enormous Makeup prices.
Check engine light Makeup price : they said the charge $75 for diagnastic and they add labor $86 totally $161. After I got the same free diagnostic from Auto Zone, after he got my finger twisted to do another diagnastic, amazingly the diagnastic where they same.
I was mesmerized, shocked, ran over by an 18 wheeler. The makeup price on parts by Vic markup $83, $59 compared to the O Reilly ! : $30, $54. Their answer : this is how we stay in business
I got an answer for non mechanical mundane car owners : staying away from VIC Williams Tire & Auto, this is how we KEEP money in out pockets

D J.
Hiram, GA
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paid for front end alignment don't think it was ever done, front tires after a few thousand miles are worn severe on the outside. I was told that the wear was due to needing a front alignment.. ???

Temple, GA
Cadillac CTS
Verified Customer
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Entirely Overpriced
I posted on my facebook page what a ripoff you are. I paid $74 for a diagnostic. Though you say you charge for one, you don't indicate how much. I could have gotten the same diagnostic from Autozone free. I went to another person that hated to charge me $125 for the labor to replace my plugs but he said it was difficult to get to. You said I needed a fuel filter but I didn't. I bought a fuel filter and the plugs for $48. You said the parts were 60 something, so I guess you mark those up too. Your price over $400. I paid $168 because since I didn't need the fuel filter at all, he only charged $120 for the labor and gave me a credit of the labor on a future fuel filter. I may be a woman but that doesn't make me stupid. You wanted a lot for putting tires on and I used these people before to do that because you were high. Their price $10 per tire. They also charged nothing to unstop a plugged condensate drain on my car. I bet you don't do anything for free! I felt very ripped off for the mere diagnostic and violated just by being given that crazy price on the work. You REALLY thought I hadn't had an oil change in 17,000 miles???????? Wow. I have my oil changed about every 5000 miles or less. My sticker showed 17,000 miles. It would not even be running if that was the case. I can't say enough about how ridiculous this experience was. Your front office lady was very nice. That's about the only good thing I have to say about this experience.
Karen M. from Vic Williams Tire & Auto responded on 12/23/2015

Thanks for your imput. Our pricing for parts and labor is based on a formula that has allowed us to remain in business for many years and is a median range for our industry and location. We can only make reccomendations on what we see visually and with our test equipment so when we see an original 13 year old fuel filter and an oil change sitcker that is 17,000 miles out of range we have to mention it  The powertrain control module also had 4 fault codes stored indicating both driveability and emission problems.
Congratulations on finding someone to take care of your car but you are right, we charge for any service, my technicians only make money if there is an invoice and no body i know is asked to work for free on their job. 

Dallas, GA
GMC Sierra
Verified Customer
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Ridiculous price.
Outrageous price to press an axle bearing on and off. I had to help the technician. Took a total of 25 minutes and charged me $75. Will not return.
Karen M. from Vic Williams Tire & Auto responded on 07/06/2015

The job done for him was what is known as a "canned job" which is a set price of 8/10's of an hour at $90.00 per hour which means if it's ten minutes or two hours it is the same price - this job also requires skill and or special tools not available to whoever did the same job before us. The assistance from him was not requested.
Vic Williams

Michael H.
Austell, GA
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Bad Service
I took my brother hear to get his Tires rotated, balanced and a front end alignment. Took them almost 3 hours to rotate and balance. Then they would not do the front end alignment because they discovered a bad right rear wheel bearing. They were asking to much money to fix the bad wheel bearing so we did not have that done. We got back in his truck and they had thrown all the contents that were in is glove box in the floorboard. They claimed they were looking for a lug nut key to take the locked wheel lug nuts off. My brothers truck does not have locking wheel lug nuts. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell the difference between a standard lug nut and a locking lug nut. Stay away from these idiots.
Karen M. from Vic Williams Tire & Auto responded on 06/12/2015

I apologize for the miscommunication on this vehicle and the wait time (which was 2 hours and 10 minutes from write up to invoice), the bad wheel bearing on the truck is on the left front which should be replaced before alignment. The design of the bearing on the Colorado/Canyon front wheel bearing requires an expensive part and is a labor intensive job which does make it pricey, with the oversize tires we didnt price the value line product which would save some money but may not have lasted. I dont know why we decided that it had a locking lug nut before we looked or why we forgot to replace the contents of the glove box after looking except that most of the custom wheel/tire packages like this have locks. At the time of arrival we did have a lot of cars waiting for service and the repair time was longer than normal but with the larger wheel/tires it always takes longer than the same vehicle with original fitted products. Again I am sorry for the long wait and embarassed that we disturbed the glove box, Thanks Vic Williams

Acworth, GA
Toyota RAV4
Verified Customer
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Not great i was told it will take 1 hour to fix my car end up being 6 hours and also the price was changed 3 times
It's not everybody that have the time and money I for one did not have much on both the 6 hours that took to get my car fix after being told 1hour also price to fix my car was changed 3 times which was way over my budget maybe I got unlucky but will not go back

Mohmad S.
Dallas, GA
Chevrolet Avalanche
Verified Customer
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06/24/2013 Category: Service
Mohmad said he will not be going back to this business. He said they are rude and they do not know how to treat their customers. He called the business ahead of time and they told him to bring his vehicle in so they could give him an estimate. The personnel gave him an estimate and he asked if he could compare prices to different businesses and they told him that he could. When he was leaving, the personnel told him he had a $26 charge for his estimate. After he left the business, he received a call from the personnel to let him know that they did not want him to come back to the business or their property. He went back to the business and the personnel told him that it had not been him on the phone.
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