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very .
Dallas, GA
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takes forever
This shop was recommended by a family member. Came in for an oil change and 2 hours later my car was just taken into the garage. 1 customer was told his car was taking so long because its hard to get his air filter off. I want to leave but I've been here so long. All of workers seem to follow kenneth around and were just standing in the waiting area and eating popcorn. I went out to look in the garage and the ssme was happening except they were eating popsicles too. Current time is 10:30 and counting...
Karen M. from Vic Williams Tire & Auto responded on 07/07/2015

Oil changes are done by our general service technicians - they were not milling around but did have several jobs to complete when your job ticket was created. This is not our normal pace especally after just adding an additional general service tech to help with the flow. Everyone's time is important and we are sorry to have taken so much of yours.
Vic Williams

Karen M. from Vic Williams Tire & Auto responded on 07/07/2015

Actually there is more to the story - the vehicle had a check engine light that we retrieved the code and diagnosed an inoperative catalytic converter and gave an estimate for the repair before she added the oil change to the ticket by this time 45 minutes had passed - the emission repair was not done but we did a diagnosis and reset on the computer memory at no charge - this is normally a 74.00 charge that was waived to just be a nice guy.

Powder Springs, GA
Isuzu Rodeo
Verified Customer
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Came back for service that wasn't done at previous visit.
After calling to speak with the shop manager Terry to let it be known that I had a strong sense that my oil had not been changed when I had been in for some work a few months prior (4 new tires, shocks, struts, etc.) considering the oil light was coming on for the first time in the history of me owning this vehicle which I've been the only owner of, I was told to go ahead and bring it in and they would take care of it, so I headed over to have the oil checked. When I got there, there was only 1 other person in the waiting room. After waiting for over an hour in the waiting area with my 2 year old daughter, they were finally going to take my vehicle back. I requested to see the oil as it came out, and as I had suspected, what little oil did come out was thick and black as night. I reiterated that it didn't look like the oil had been changed at my prior visit which I had suspected due to the fact that the washer fluid was also completely empty after that service had supposedly been done which was also extremely ill-timed given that I drove down to Sanibel Island, FL immediately after that prior service which is a 10 hour drive with no way to wash my windshield while driving. I was then told by the gentleman I'd been speaking to (Kenneth or Kieth I believe), that I was 1400 miles over the 3000 mile recommended oil change mileage, as if to suggest it was my negligence that caused the oil light to come on and the oil to be so low and black. Again, I have NEVER had the oil light come on before, even when there are times I would stretch the oil changes to 5000 or so miles in between, which is acceptable , even though it's "recommended" to do it at 3000. However, the one that got skipped put my vehicle closer to 10-12,000 miles in between, thus the oil light and extremely low, black oil being the result. I then asked him if he could find the previous ticket when the oil should have been changed to see if there were any remarks regarding the type of oil, etc. to give an indication if it had or hadn't been done so we could see what had taken place instead of assume and insinuate, and he said he'd get to the bottom of it. By the time my car was pulled back around front, there was no mention of whether or not he did find the prior ticket as if it were a non-issue at that point. So I basically had to come in and wait 2 hours for a service that I had paid for a few months prior, with no explanation or acknowledgement of their lack of performing the service previously, and no offer to change it again in the near future to clear out what was left from having it overlooked previously. It left something to be desired as far as me feeling I'd want to return for any future service for sure.
Karen M. from Vic Williams Tire & Auto responded on 12/08/2014

I am sorry Ms W feels like she had a bad experience with us. We value all customers and strive to perform the best work possible so we take accusations like this seriously. In the spirit of customer relations we did another oil change for her at no charge.
All oil looks alike at high mileage but the brand of oil filter and the inventory of this filter being correct indicated the service was performed.
Unfortunately it did take a while to get the vehicle into our shop on a busy Saturday morning with the shop full of cars even though there were few customers present.
When possible we confirmed the oil filter was our brand which is in itself not conclusive but indicates we changed it. It had been 5010 miles since the vehicle had been in and the oil was dark and oil level was low. This type of vehicle is known to consume oil as a Google search will indicate and my own experience with a 2002 Trooper II with the same engine confirmed.
At this age and mileage the oil level should be checked more often to prevent low level conditions which we would be happy to do.
We would like to continue to service Ms W's vehicle but if there is a lack of trust this may not be possible, however it is now time for the 6,000 mile tire rotation, free with tire purchase.
thank you
Vic Williams

Austell, GA
Chevrolet Impala
Verified Customer
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getting concerned with the service there
We've been going here for a few years now but lately I'm concerned as they seem to not be quite as thorough or honest as they were before. There are some new faces there (used to be Vic and Terry all the time, now neither of them seem to have time for customers). Maybe that's the difference. I had to bring our car back there twice for the same basic issue and they charged over $300 both time. The 2nd time they started out saying I owed nothing then called me later saying they made a mistake and I owed them after all... not sure if I will keep driving that far if I can't trust them.

Chevrolet Traverse
Verified Customer
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Vehicle Alignment
Was disappointed in customer service received. I called & told lady that I needed my tires rotated (which I purchased there) & that I needed a "Front End Alignment". I asked for cost & was told $65.00. When I got there I again inquired as to cost & said I just wanted front aligned. When I got the bill it was $83.00. When I asked why, I was told that they couldn't do just a front-end alignment since it was a 4-wheel drive car. I asked why I was not told that prior to them doing the work. The lady could not give me an explanation. Being a woman & not a mechanic, I feel that they should have been honest with me & said something. The problem seemed to be that the receptionist did not converse with the shop people as to what I asked for so they could have explained to me instead of waiting until the bill was presented so I would have had the option to not have the service done.

Ford Crown Victoria
Verified Customer
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improper repair & diagnostics
I brought my 1994 crown vic in and said it was swaying in the front end. After about 30 minutes they came out and said two options. 1) needs upper and lower ball joints both sides. Front end alignment after work. Price $580. Option 2) replace ball joints and shocks, $685. I said replace ball joints if it will fix the problem. After 2 days I had new front shocks installed elsewhere . Since a week went by I finally got too drive it on the highway, still wonders off and sways. Had my adopted Father look at it said it's in the steering column. So I was slightly disappointed, because I was told it was fixed after a test drive. I didn't have the money had too put it on a credit card. In the past they have done excellent work on my vehicles. Don't know what happened? Thank you.

Kia Sorento
Verified Customer
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I had my belts changed and the next day they started making a squealing noise. I took the car back in the have them looked at. No one took responsibility.

Dallas, GA
Chevrolet Suburban
Verified Customer
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Service is great, if you don't mind paying the price.

Jeremy B.
Temple, GA
Nissan Altima
Verified Customer
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05/28/2013 Category: Service
Jeremy said they wanted $400 to go under his dashboard, but they were only 80 percent sure the compressor problem would be there. He decided to not have the work done because he could get it done for less elsewhere. He said in the past they told him they would have to cover up the EZR valves to stop a rough idle. He was charged $85 for them to remove a hose and plug it up, which was not a cover up. He said he would not recommend this business because they lied to him and he could get the work done cheaper elsewhere.
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Cadillac DeVille
Verified Customer
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Unhappy with Service
Recently we were told (offsite) that our rattle problem was due to a catalytic converter, so we took the car & asked to have the converter replaced, which was done. When picking up the car, the same rattle was there and were told it was the air suspension system. I feel that when the car was started to move to the pick up area, someone should have noticed the same rattle & given an explanation rather than just let us spend $500 & still have the same rattle. Also a few months ago, we had a leak in the coolant reservoir which was replaced, yet the problem persists. The techs are not looking for collatoral causes.