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Charles B.
Denver, CO
Buick LaCrosse
Verified Customer
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05/20/2017 Category: Service
Charles said he thinks the business messed up his vehicle. They told him they chrome blasted an item and when he got his vehicle back, the check engine light came on immediately.
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Buena Vista, CO
Buick Park Avenue
Verified Customer
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Sadly it was not great this time
I have had repairs done before there and really had no issues but this time was completely different... I had a reading of Cylinder #5 misfire which had happened before and resulted in a cracked spark plug. I had it fixed by someone else before so I knew the signs and symptoms and when I arrived and told them the issue they gave me the "you're a woman and have no idea what you are talking about" look and attitude (I grew up with mechanics and I can change tires, oils, change air filters etc and I know my car - which was insulting to me). They charged me 100 dollars to look and tell me what I had already told them and 25 to replace the spark plug in cylinder 5. I drove away and not less than two hours later the problem started again. I would recommend others to Astro but I was very disappointed in their attitude that morning.

Denver, CO
Hyundai Tucson
Verified Customer
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They took advantage of an emergent situation and grossly overcharged me.
I took my vehicle back a second time for diagnostics after an overpriced alternator fix. They advised me that I was fine to leave and the same day had issues on the highway. After taking the vehicle to a reliable and fair mechanic I discovered there is much more wrong with my vehicle and it is unsafe to drive. I hope the owner and mechanics at ASTRO wouldn't advise their own family and friends to drive am unsafe vehicle like they did with me. If you are a single girl, beware they will take advantage of you unless you know cars. Skip these guys and go with someone you can trust.

Denver, CO
Verified Customer
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Good job
Good job, as always.

Denver, CO
Buick LeSabre
Verified Customer
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Go somewhere else...
Never taking my car back to Astro because they were just bad at repairing my car...aka their job. Took my Buick in last December for hard warm starts and stalls at low RPMs. Astro was sure they'd found the problem after checking the computer and replaced my ICM for $400 (among other repairs I had them do, I spent just over $1,000). About 5-6 weeks later the car starts doing the exact same thing so I take it back to Astro and not only do they charge me again just for bringing my car in, they also tell me I need another $325 in repairs.

I immediately took my car to another auto repair place, UPON VISUAL INSPECTION, they found a 6" rubber hose going to the ICM was rotted out and they fixed it free of charge...This made me realize that Astro may be full of 'technicians' who can read what the vehicle's computer says is wrong but lack common car repair sense to do much else...Astro will never receive another penny of my money and I will continue to tell neighbors in Baker about this bad experience. Save yourself the headache and go somewhere that has actual car mechanics.
Brian K. from Astro Automotive responded on 04/20/2012
Thank you for your feedback, Ryan. It’s very important to us to know if our customers are not happy so we may fix the problem. I understand that you feel that you were not treated fairly. We take customer satisfaction very seriously, as you can see by our other customer reviews. Please give me a call or stop by our shop so we can discuss the problem and figure out a solution. Best regards, Brian