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Mike C.
Oxford, NC
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NEver going back!
SO, Emailed this place to get a quote and a guy Named Robert called me to discuss the work i wanted done to my 2016 lexus. I explained to him that i had aftermarket parts that i wanted to have installed. I told him that i had a down pipe, a charge pipe and a turbo muffler that were aftermarket and i wanted to get a quote. After discussing with him that this install would take approximately 3 hours to complete everything he (Robert) told me it would be $350 to do the job. I told him great and set up a time to bring the car in. He said friday morning to bring the car and parts by and he would take a look at everything to make sure this was a job he could do.
I got to the shop (AutoBahn Automotive) about 8:10am and went inside. The secretary took down all my information and took my keys to someone in the shop. While waiting in the front room i hear my car crank up and is pulled into the shop. (No word or hello or anything from the Robert i had talked to) Notice my trunk is opened and the box containing the performance parts is taken out. I sit in the waiting room thinking that if there is an issue or change with pricing or time that someone would come and speak to me. After 3 hours, Robert comes to the waiting room and says my car is ready. I look at him and say nice to meet you since this is the first time i have spoken to him in person since talking on the phone. I hand him my debit card to pay for the install which was quoted at $350 and he hands me a reciept for $500. WTF??? So i proceed to ask him what the deal is since we had agreed on $350 and he tells me he is not supposed to install performance parts that go around the emmission system (After market Downpipe from turbo has a resonator and not a catalic converter) Ok so you are not supposed to install this part...Then why the H*ll did you not stop when you saw the down pipe and come discuss the matter with me? NOT 1 WORD!!! Then he tells me he will not give me a reciept for the work since he wasn't supposed to do the work anyways. WHAT A SCAM!
So i left as he (Robert rushes off touch since they go at 11:30 sharp..)_and drove my car to the house where i open the trunk to get the stock parts out and what do i find? Everything that was taken off to get the parts i brought in to have installed are in my trunk!!! The heat shields, the brackets, the stock plastic that goes underneith..everything that was supposed to go back on the car. Since it took him till 11:30 i am assuming they figured they needed to go to lunch so not to worry about putting the parts back on the car or discussing the matter at all with me.
I thought going into this shop and reading the reviews that i had found a shop to start doing my normal service work as well as repairs etc. NO WAY IN H#LL will i recommend this place or go back. They screwed me out of $150 and treated me like sh#T. If there was an issue then by all means the owner (Robert ) should have come and talked to me. He knew i was going to be there waiting for the car to get done and could have expressed his concerns about installing parts he is not supposed to install. He knew what the parts were when he took on the job as well as he knew when he took the parts out of the box. He still installed them knowing (FROM WHAT HE SAYS) that he isn't supposed to install them. Any reputable mechanic can look at a down pipe and tell if there is a resonator or catalytic converter installed on it so he doesn't need to use that excuse. He agreed from the start to charge me $350 knowing the job would take 3 hours. Then he screws me by charging my card for $500. Worst shop i have ever been involved with. Take a $40,000 car to him and he treats it like a $500 car.

James N.
North Carolina
Porsche Cayenne
Verified Customer
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04/28/2016 Category: Service
James said there was just a big misunderstanding, he thought he was having to change his oil too much. They did explained things to him and he is very sorry. This facility does a great job.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.

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04/28/2016 Category: Service
Spoke with Daniel. He said he has a problem. The business told him this is normal for his vehicle to add oil after having his oil changed. He does not think this is normal after having an oil change to have to add oil after 1,200 to 1,500 miles. The oil light comes on saying his oil is low. He will be taking his vehicle to another business to have this looked at.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Robert & Matthew D. from Autobahn Automotive responded on 05/23/2016

This is a prime example of how the internet rating agencies arent always right!  When we read this we were incredulous, because we knew full well that we did not give bad service to this gentleman.  After phoning Daniel and asking why he gave such a bad review, he realized that he had been mistaken about who Sure Critic was calling about.  He told us to please have them call him back to correct his review as he thought it was the dealer calling. LOL!  After a quick phone call to Sure Critic from Autobahn, we were told they would correct it on their end.  Alas, they lied.  It just goes to show that those internet ratings are not always what they seem.  Sure Critic gets 0 stars from Autobahn Automotive.  By the way, Daniel is still a very happy customer and will be coming back for more excellence in service.  

Wanda .
Raleigh, NC
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Poor Job done
I took my car, 2007 Mercedes, in due to the fact that it would not start and the engine light was own. I had the service done on the vehicle. When I received my car back it was in worse shape than when I left it The engine light was still on and the oil light now was on. Robert told me he did not know what it was and for me to take it to the dealership because he had no ideal how to fix it. I paid for a poor service and I will never take my car there again.
Robert & Matthew D. from Autobahn Automotive responded on 01/13/2015

This is the first time meeting Ms.Customer.  We received this vehicle on a tow truck, and the customer drove the vehicle away from the shop. How is that worse shape? Ms. Customer signed the receipt knowing the check engine light would be on due to the fact that there were engine control unit codes stored in the vehicles computer.  We changed the oil in the car upon the customers request. The service was 63 days past due.  The engine oil light did come on, which is another obvious symptom of an electrical problem with the vehicle because the oil was brand new. The customer saw the dipstick herself, and could confirm that there was oil in the car.  Should the Engine Control Module need replacing, it must be done at the dealer. There was no more we could do. We were trying to help this nice lady out which we did, because now she can actually drive the car instead of transporting it around on a tow truck.  

Luis T.
Raleigh, NC
Volkswagen Jetta
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
never again
took my car in due to coolant leak. instead of checking out the full scope of the issue he only replaced a radiator hose, for $300 i might add. 2 days later my car overheats, thermostat housing and sensor need to get repaced along with radiator fan. Wish he had really diagnosed my problem instead of taking the easy way out for $300. what a waste of $ that was. never again!
Robert & Matthew D. from Autobahn Automotive responded on 07/05/2012
This car was towed in to Autobahn with a massive coolant leak. We replaced the thermostat outlet flange and seals (2) which repaired the excessive coolant leak. The customer did not want us to fill the system with the antifreeze we stock and only authorized us to fill the system with water and a half jug of Kroger antifreeze the customer had in his back seat. The gentleman also stressed to us he had an extremely tight budget. The following few days after this repair was completed and delivered, the outside air temperature shot into the low hundreds across the southeast US. Unfortunately the failure referenced in this customers low rating occurred on the car at this point. We asked him to return the car to us so we could examine our work as well as see what other issues occurred with the car. But he never returned and only could offer this review. We of course contacted this customer immediately after reading his review to discuss his dissatisfaction.

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