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Review for Autotech
Randy S. on 05/19/2012
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Randy said the manager would not answer the questions he asked about his quote to repair his water pump. He would not recommend them for that reason.
Category: Service
Service Date: 04/19/2012
Review Created: 05/19/2012
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
The Autotech F. at Autotech responded on 05/22/2012
Randy when you dropped your car off, your daughter said the coolant gauge read hot while on the frwy, I said it sounds like your thermostat stuck closed. that is a common problem! the next day we checked your car and found the coolant was not circulating. we obtained authorization to replace the thermostat, we did replace the thermostat but still had no circulation, the only components left is the radiator and the waterpump. the radiator did flow, [we tested it when we replaced the thermostat]. The only component left is the waterpump. I asked you have you replaced your timing belt yet? the car had 162,000 miles on it. you said the timing belt has not been replaced. I reccomended that the timing belt and idler and tensioner pulleys and waterpump should be replaced because of the high mileage. There is no way to condem a waterpump because of improper flow unless you know the other components are functional, Which we did!
The Autotech F. at Autotech responded on 05/22/2012
Randy when your car was towed in your daughter stated the coolant temperature gauge read hot while on driving on the freeway, I said it could possibly be a stuck thermostat! The next day we verified the coolant in the cooling system was not circulating. We obtained authorization from you to replace the thermostat. which we replaced. The coolant was still not circulating. The radiator was flowing, we tested it when we replaced the thermostat. the only component left is the water pump! I asked you if you had replaced the timing belt, The vehicle had 162,000 miles and it should have been replaced with the tensioner and idler pulleys and the waterpump also because it is alot of work and they all should had been replaced by now- You said the belt had not been replaced as of yet and you declined further repairs at this time. There is no other way to confirm that the waterpump is the cause of poor circulation with out confirming the thermostat and radiator are o.k. first!