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Kristin A.
Waukesha, WI
Jeep Liberty
Verified Customer
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I was recently in to get my tires / brakes rechecked after getting my rotors / brakes / tires replaced. Since getting fixed my brakes had been squeaking and my tire started to sound like a bicycle wheel with a 'thingy' on it that when you ride 'tics'. Well, I tried to take it back to have them re-look at it - they reportedly took everything apart and redid it; however, it's still not fixed - my brakes are still squeaking like crazy, I have a new clinging sound and a new rub on my front tire - one of my new tires already has a 'bulge' in it - spending the money that I did to end up with the same issues and then some new - pretty frustrated... Then when I tried to call back a third time to get my car back in was belittled by the personnel because they do a great job and stand behind there work... Don't get me wrong - I have never been to a place where the staff is largely amazing - friendly - nice - for the most part - but, if it's not fixed - it's not fixed... Something should have been done instead of closing the door as if saying - too bad / so sad...

Zach C.
Big Bend, WI
Mercury Tracer
Verified Customer
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02/17/2015 Category: Service
Zach said the service was good but there was a lack of communication with the person he was dealing with. He told him he wanted a minimal brake job because he was going to junk the vehicle and needed money to buy a new one. The staff member told him he would call with updates but did not. He called when the vehicle was finished and the bill was $700. The business adjusted it but he said he felt it would not have happened with better communication.
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