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Clackamas, OR
Ram 1500
Verified Customer
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Easy honest and friendly
Great experience always.

Mark H.
Portland, OR
Subaru Impreza Sedan
Verified Customer
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07/27/2018 Category: Service
Mark said he was overcharged for some items at this business. He was given quotes for services that after checking with his regular mechanic who has worked on his vehicle for years, he found out that he did not need. He does not trust this business and he will not be going back to them.

Tim K.
Oregon City, OR
GMC Sierra
Verified Customer
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06/11/2016 Category: Service
Tim said he had his new vehicle for a total of 4 days before it went in to this business for 38 days for a simple repair. They were fixing things that were not broken, such as the coolant overflow bottle and they deep vacuumed the cooling system. When in reality it was the head gasket which was already diagnosed before he took it to them. He has an extended warranty and still ended up paying $1,500 out of pocket. After a half of a day of getting his vehicle back from them he had to go to a different facility for repairs. Because of their lack of competency, they cost him money. He was reimbursed and they cut him a check.
Kris J. from First Choice Auto Service responded on 06/14/2016

Wow, We/I didn't see that coming after all we did for Tim-Yes sorry it took longer than expected but there were some issues that we had to deal with that were out of the norm.
First when the truck came in was very intermitant-we couldn't get it to overheat, the over flow bottle needed to be replaced because the sensor inside these diesel bottles go bad when they get over pressurize (ask the parts dealer how many they go through)-so the low coolant light always stays on-even when full-so yes it did need to be replaced.
(By the way the part Tim left out was we did credit Tim back all the diagnostic time since the warranty center doesn't cover diagnostics, so 2 hours of air bleeding the coolant system, and the price of the coolant bottle when we did the head gasket work.)
Also what Tim doesn't mention is we probably saved him 6000 to 18,000.00. When we tore it down the head gasket failed because the last shop that did the head gasket a year ago cross threaded a head bolt and it was broken down inside the block-stripped. So to prevent the warranty company from not covering a bad head gasket we didn't tell them the head bolt failed-because the warranty center will only cover bad head gaskets (not bolts)-had they known that the head bolt created the issue they might have rejected the 5500.00 claim. Also the warranty center doesn't cover machine work-we talked them into covering the 500.00 machine work on the HEADS since the customer just bought the truck. #2 The head bolt that broke down inside the block took 10 hours to get out-broke 2 snap-on bolt extractors-which we had to drill and pick those out-we purchsed a special tool to installed new threads into the block-cost us 470.00-charged the customer 40-called a time cert-no one in portland METRO had one-had to come from back east
-took about 3 days to get. AFTER TALKING TO SEVERAL SHOPS-They all would have just condemmed the whole block-which the warranty inspector would have had to come out and would have saw that the head bolt failed causing the gasket to fail. Trust me after dealing with so many different extended warranty companies-they look for any reason to get out of a claim-I almost bet they would have denied the whole claim. We only charged Tim 2 hours after spending 10 hours trying to extract the head bolt.
Finally Tim says he had to take it to a close by shop because an injector seal failed (started leaking fuel)-we said sorry and refunded him the $280.00 he was out-we replaced all the injector seals with new Chevy seals-Tim didn't believe we did-so we went to the file cabinet showed him the Chevy Invoice that shows new injector seals. We also drove the truck multiple times up and down the freeway-also ran in the shop for over 45 min. double checked our work-just so we have no issues when we release the truck.
I don't get it-we went above and beyond and tryied to save the customer money-even to the point of not telling the whole truth to the warranty center-and Tim was in the loop on everything-he said he appreciated us helping him and keeping him in the loop.
Yes we all feel your pain Tim-you bought a used truck and it's bad from day 1-you purchased someone elses nightmare-come to find out the guy before you had repaced the head gaskets 1 year ago and they went bad again-so he sold the truck-now your stuck with it-we tried to be fair and help you out where we could-and what do we get in the end ---.
Thanks Tim we really appreciate it.